Writing an argumentative about a social topic essay

In the Bible(John 8: 32) it is quoted “ and you will know the truth, and the truth will aka you free,” basically saying “ the truth will set you free. ” Another reason believe you should always tell the truth is because when you lie you lose the person’s trust and you make them disappointed. For example, I lied to my mother, by telling her I wasn’t the one who broke her jewelry box. So my sister took the blame, and got in really big trouble. Afterwards, I admitted I was the one who broke it, so my mother put me on punishment and told me “ Koala I am very disappointed in you.

Don’t be surprised when something else bad happen, and you tell me you didn’t do it, I don’t believe you. ” This experience showed that “ honesty” really is “ the best policy,” and that it is morally correct to tell the truth. However, others disagree with the fact that you should always tell the truth. They believe that it is okay to tell white lies every now and then so you don’t hurt someone’s feelings. Nonetheless, understand the truth can sometimes hurt, but being a liar will not help the situation and will make the taxation even worse.

One day, my sister didn’t tell me she threw away my teddy bear own “ accident. ” So I went on thinking lost somewhere or someone stole it. However, though she spared me from the truth because it would have hurt me, it still left me miserable and sad of the lost of my teddy bear. In all reality she didn’t save my feelings, instead she postponed the truth, making the end effect horrible.

In conclusion, there are several viewpoints about lying and telling the truth. Or one believe your should always be truthful. Though the truth can be a little bitter and mean, it should be always told so we can overcome it and face it head on. To those who may disagree, think that the truth shouldn’t always be told and that you can prevent someone from getting hurt by lying sometimes. Either way, it is always good to be honest whether it’s all the time or every once in a while.