Writing about oaranormal such as ghost

Due Writing about the Paranormal There are immense accounts from all over the world that speak to the reality of ghosts and spirits of those who have died. They all share certain characteristics, like cold spots, hearing voices, tapping, unexplained footsteps, and in some of the more unpleasant tales, actual aggressive attacks that cause physical harm. However, when it comes to television one always has to ask the question how much of this is true documentary and what is exaggerated to make the show more compelling for the viewers? Recent polls have shown that 71% of people believe they have had a paranormal experiences, 56% believe that those ghosts are the spirits of the dead, ad over 60% believe that Ouija boards are “ bad news” (Live Science Staff, 2011). As a believer in ghosts I think that there are many instances and locations that have a great deal of activity that can be and has been captured by, both, freelance and professional television ghost seekers. Again, however, for example if a particular show went to a location and could not get a single interesting, suspicious, or peculiar thing to happen, then one has to ask would they fake when necessary in order to improve the show and provide some sort of evidence by the end of the episode?
Granted there are many instances, especially in older homes, where the sounds that people are hearing can be debunked as the natural sounds of aging wood, a settling foundation, and air in the pipes. However, when all practical explanations have been considered and accounted for that leaves the unexplainable. Ultimately, when watching these shows one must decide for themselves which seem the most sincere and believable and which seems staged and set up for the benefit of the cameras. I have seen many shows where the evidence was astonishingly strong and others terribly planned and scripted. In others words, television is filled with all kinds, those based on the legitimate research and seekers of scientific proof of the afterlife and those that take advantage of people who are believers.
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