World, in hounding me

World, In Hounding Me The poem ” World, in Hounding Me” written by ” Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz” explains her ethos and thought process in order to give a greater understanding of her psyche and in doing so, is also judgmental aboutmodern life. She wishes to enrich her mind, spirit and existence with the understanding of beauty and humility. In the poem, it states, ” How can it harm you if I choose, astutely, rather to stock my mind with things of beauty, than waste its stock on every beauty’s claim? . Rather than making herself look beautiful on the outside, she focus on making herself beautiful from within by finding the goods she has in her and understanding the importance of her existence in the world.

She wishes to avoid the corruptions of wealth and vanity. The poem states, ” Costliness and wealth bring me no pleasure; the onlyhappinessI care to find derives from setting treasure in my mind, and not from mind that’s set on winning treasure. . She doesn’t want happiness that only last a moment. She wants happiness that lasts a life time and beyond. She asks to be a simple woman with simple pleasures and not be made to enter the race of accumulating ” things” and wealth. The poem states, ” I prize no comeliness. All fair things pay to time, the victor, their appointed fee and treasure cheats even the practiced eye. “.

She doesn’t want anything that can be gain through wealth and power. She seeks the pleasures of life that is given by god. She wants to accumulate knowledge and understanding of her psych and also judgment about modern life. She believed life isn’t about looking pretty or gaining happiness through wealth. Instead she believed that everyone is beautiful inside and that the happiness is gain through the pleasure of life given by god.