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The term Obama care is more or less a derogatory term coined by the critics of the affordable care act put in place by president Barack Obama. The literal meaning of the term Obama care is quite disturbing to say the least. This is because it refers to the type of care that is more inclined towards president Barack Obama as opposed to the entire nation. The question thus arises as to the true nature of this Obama care and whether or not it favors the greater good of the nation or it is a desperate plan by president Barack Obama to scam the citizenry out of their hard earned money while maintaining the political significance at the same time. With critics in equal magnitude to advocates of this health care plan this issue arises as a contentious research topic that needs to be looked at using an in-depth and exhaustive analysis so as to arrive at a conclusive decision on the true nature of the affordable care act or Obama care as it is commonly known by critics of the act. This is an important research area because it affects one of the most important sectors of the country’s economy and that is the health sector of the nation. Without adequate health the installations of the nation will be incapable of functioning effectively and this will in effect paralyses the nation in terms of its production capabilities. The legacy of president Barack Obama could also be at stake if the critics of this health care plan prove their speculations to be true.
The Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obama Care will be able to finally bring stability and flexibility to consumers or the American people that will thus be able to look at and choose a health care plan that suits them or meets their needs or capability. The Affordable Care Act is designed to cover some key areas in life that had been previously ignored like the cost one would incur in coverage either for preventive care or emergency services while at the same time removing barriers that existed with the insurance companies when getting emergency services. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act also protect individuals when they make honest errors from their coverage being cancelled by insurers, which is a good thing for the common citizen who is struggling with many payments.
. It is a promising health care plan if it can protect ones choice of doctors, end lifetime limit on coverage, end arbitrary withdrawals of insurance coverage and most importantly keep young adults covered under their parents’ plan. The Affordable Care Act clearly comes out as something meant for the masses to protect them as well as give the American people a chance to finally be able to be in full control of their own health and that is a good thing.
If this is so, then Obama Care is indeed a great health care plan for young adults under 26 years of age as they can be covered under their parents’ health care plan. Clearly, this Obama Care aims at improving the lives of the American people of all ages, color, shapes or sizes for the greater good of the country and its citizens and it is for this reason that the President signed it into law on March 23, 2010 and has come to be known as The Obama Health Care Plan or the coined form ‘ Obama Care’.

Research methodology

With Obama care being a contentious issue, especially in the mainstream media there are a number of research methods that can be employed to the effect of gathering factual and efficient information about this topic. Interviews are one very important data collection method in these regards. These interviews, focus primarily on the health experts who are actively involved in the medical industry. These are people who can give firsthand information on the actual effects of Obama care on the health of the nation with regard to is merited as well as its demerits. Policy makers and analysts will also make very useful interviewees for the topic in question. This is because it is very important to understand all aspects of this act and one of the major aspects of this act is the policy paradigm that comes with it. The policy is an integral part of mainstream life and primarily policies that affect an area of the nation as sensitive as the health sector. Thus the policy makers and policy analysts will shed valuable information on the contentious issue that is Obama care.
When an issue is as polarizing as this act it is very important that the researcher remains objective and unbiased. To that effect points of view from both sides of the divide will be taken it account. This means that the interviews will also involve the advocates as well as the nay sayers with regard to this policy. This will enable collection of data from both points of view and with both these opposing opinions taken into account a more logical conclusion can be arrived at with regard to whether Obama care is good or bad for the nation.
Secondary sources of information are also very important in terms of understanding all the dynamics of Obama care. These secondary sources include, but are not limited to publications on the issue as well as media reports on the issue. These sources will enable the researcher to collect a wide range of perspectives in regard to this topic. These secondary sources also include previous work by other researchers on the topic. The findings of these previous works of research are very useful, especially in terms of their findings and conclusions. This will act as a compass for the researcher in terms of shedding more light on the research topic as well as shedding light on aspects of this act that have already been covered by another researcher so that the researcher in question does not reinvent the wheel, or so to speak. Thus the relevance of secondary sources in this research paper cannot be overstated.
Questionnaires that are structured area also an important method of data collection in this research paper. This is because this is a public policy act. As such, it is very likely to arouse diverse opinions from the masses. It is therefore very important in this research paper to capture all these public emotions about the act in question. This will give the researcher the capability to form trends in terms of public opinion with regard to feelings of the masses about this topic and whether or not, most people area actually supporting Obama care or they are completely against it.


The research paper found out that most of the public opinions about Obama care are not based on sound understanding of the act and all of its associated paradigms. These public opinions are to the contrary based on ignorance. People have formed an opinion on this act based more on what they have heard in the mainstream media as opposed to actually taking the time to examine this act and clearly outline all of its pros as well as its cons. It is therefore clear that the majority of the American citizenry are not well versed with the actual fundamental truths pertaining to this act.
It can be argued that the Barack Obama administration is doing well in trying to have reforms in how things have been done not only in health care, but also in other equally important sectors for the greater good of the economy as much as it still is politics. It is a good thing that persons with preexisting medical condition can get insurance as a result of this Obama care act. This act is especially good for children and young adults since it enables them to get full medical cover with young adults, who are under 26, being covered under their parents.
This act is clearly a very good example of how something can be ruined by playing politics, no matter how good the idea or policy is. It can therefore be argued that better health care really does depend on a good administration. It is very important that the American citizenry looks at all the possible outcomes during implementation on how a policy like The Affordable Health Act can affect the economy or how it can be affected by politics.
The findings of this research can by all means be borrowed and used to find out ways in which the young adults that surely play a big part in the economy by their input or potential can be empowered and encouraged by their government to put in more effort with regard to nation building. It is common knowledge that young adult number in the millions in this country and that not only does their number affect politics but also greatly affects other key areas of the economy and other sectors. As we know, health is a key factor in life, we should begin by giving them a good health care plan and I think Obama Care seeks to do just that.

Conclusion and recommendations

Young adults are people who can be said to be just the right age to start working, but a majority of them are finding their footing. Has the Obama Health Care Plan sought to see that these young adults, who are more in number than any other group of the population, get a good health care plan that is not being dictated by market forces and does not favor them outright? Obama care is actually more inclined towards the wellbeing of the youth. This is because it ensures that the youth can receive the necessary medical attention irrespective of their financial status. This is done by ensuring that the medical cover of the parents can be used to cover the children as well. This act is therefore a good act from the perspective of the ordinary American citizens.

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