Worl wide needs classification or division

World Wide ification or Division The problem is whether there should be division or ification across the globe among the people. Despite the fact that the word division sounds a little disapproving, it is the right way forward. For instance, taking a look around the globe reveals that many countries are putting up walls or making them impenetrable. Pakistan is putting barbed wires and burying mines along its border with Afghanistan. This act is contradictory to the previous route of action taken by this country. Not more than thirty years ago Pakistan gave refuge to millions of Afghan migrants who left their country and flea to Pakistan. But nurturing and feeding them for some thirty odd years, the lesson has been learnt; countries can only help themselves and not be bothered by the immigrants.
The same goes for India as she is making the border on her west as well as East side stronger. Along with Pakistan, it has thousands of kilometers of adjacent border and more than half of which has been protected with the barbed wire. And the progress on the rest is underway. Same is the case on her east border with Bangladesh, walls and wires are being put up to prevent illegal crossing over. In the past, a huge number of people have migrated, both legality and illegally, to India from Bangladesh but countries learn from their past mistakes. That’s why walls are being put up to keep away the human traffic.
Some might argue that this attitude is detrimental towards the goal of a global community. All across the globe, people want more freedom, the freedom to trade and educate, and travel. But when countries develop policies that are meant to keep away possible ‘ contact’ with the other country, then this is contradictory. As people want to see the world as a global village but sturdy walls, barbed wires and mines are only pushing people away from each other. On the surface, countries paint a friendly face towards each other make pacts and agreements of mutual cooperation but when it comes to exchange of people across the border, countries have opposite policies.
For proper functioning of economy trade and law, division among people is necessary. For instance, a huge number of illegal migrants have crossed over from Mexico into the US in the past. When these people move to the US, they are illegal migrants and they can’t get any regular job easily. In fact they suffer more in the US as illegal migrants than stay in their homeland and earn even a small living. Moreover, such people also get involve in crimes because there are no regular jobs for them. They rob stores or get into drug business, which is why the US is strengthening its border to keep the ‘ divide’.
This kind of activities are not only limited to the above mentioned countries. In Africa, Botswana is constructing a 480-km electric fence along its border with Zimbabwe. Then in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is doing everything it can to separate or ‘ divide’ itself with Yemen and in the north with Iraq. And then moving on to East Asia, Thailand is putting up walls to separate itself from Malaysia. And the famous Israeli wall to keep the divide with Palestinians.
Keeping the divide on worldwide basis might be disgusting to some but necessary for others. On the surface, the idea of a divide might sound heinous but it is mandatory for proper functioning of a society. The world can exist as a global village and flourish in trade and commerce. This is possible keeping within the limits of the law and that includes keeping the divide.
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