Wk 3 db1 and 2 sids, morbidity, mortality, and associated costs

Morbidity, Mortality, and Associated Costs Affiliation Main Post Sudden Infant Syndrome also referred to as crib death is a sudden death, which is not anticipated by medical history. Up to today, the Syndrome remains impenetrable even after a detailed death scene investigation and forensic autopsy. There is no known cause of SIDS, but it has been associated with biological vulnerability of the infant at a development stage. Various risk factors that is also associated with sudden Infant Syndrome. They include smoking during pregnancy, sleeping positions, teenage mothers because of delayed prenatal care and anemia among others. SIDS has been identified as the third world chief cause of infant death in the United States. There has been a significant drop in the number of children who die from SIDS because as of 2004 there was a decrease of 0. 51% compared to the 1980s where the deaths were at 1. 53% per 1000 live births.
There has been a continuous drop in the number of infant deaths in Georgia where in 2001 there were 112 deaths from SIDS, which was a decline of 42%, compared to that of 162 deaths in 1990. In my opinion, mothers should be aware of their children sleeping environment and positions to reduce the rate of deaths caused by SIDS.
Women’s health is a significant issue in any state because when the state prioritizes on the women’s health they are improving the economy, empowering the women and eradicating poverty and hunger as the women are able to fend for their families. Finances are required to cater for the women’s health there are various financial management techniques that are vital. First, there is the goal setting where the objectives of the department of health in addressing women’s health should be stated explicitly (Gapenski & Pink, 2011). This is because they give a basis as to how much is required to address the issue. Secondly, there should be budgeting skills to establish where the money is going after the goals have been set. Lastly, there is saving money that will be used in the future in case of a situation that is uncalled for and the money be of help. Although this is not an easy technique, it is important because the money comes in handy in the future.
An example, the cost- effective plan that can be used to track women’s mortality and Morbidity trends in my state would be registering all women through the Department of Health. This can be done by giving the women of all ages a free clinic and ensuring that all attend (Fogel & Fugate, 2008). However, achieving this can be a challenge and the best way to do it is finding a service that is not accessible by all women such as cancer screening. For this reason, a free clinic can bring out a greater population in the community that would enable the state to track the women’s morbidity and mortality trends.
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I really enjoyed reading your post on this week’s discussion topic. The discussion on sudden infant death syndrome is insightful in the sense that, first there is a clear definition of the disease. This gives the reader a clear understanding of the concept that is being put across. Secondly, your essay is systematic in that it indicates the is presumed to cause, as well as, risk factors of SIDS making it clear to the reader what the whole essay is all about. Great idea on the statistics that have been clearly indicated, making it easier to relate to other occurrences in other countries. It is clearly shown that SIDS is the third leading cause of infant mortality, which I agree with because the disease has endangered the life of many infants. This is a worrying syndrome because it worries the mothers who are not aware of the disease. This essay is imperative in the understanding of the syndrome as it systematically indicates all the relevant information and knowledge necessary to understand the seriousness of the matter in relation to infant mortality.
Great post Roxana, It is evident that although science and technology have advanced the actual causes of SUID and SIDs have not been found. However, I agree with your ideas when you states that unsafe sleeping environments are related to the deaths, as well as, suffocation, wedging and smothering. As a result, it is important to create awareness for the mothers on the issue to ensure that they provide their children with environments that are safe for their children. This is because many may not understand that the sleeping environment of their children may be the major cause of infant mortality. Although the essay does not put the issue of educating young mothers and creating awareness, it is an important factor.