William wallace essay

From that time all those people who hated English flocked to him.

Hero . ‘ William Wallace murdered the English sheriff of Landmark . From that time all those people who hated English flocked to him. ” Quote from David Armstrong Some say he was a hero , winning at Stirring, becoming the guardian of Scotland and being successful in a ruthless and bloody guerrilla campaign at the border of England But let’s analyses the battle of Stirring bridge and it’s tactics more. Of course the tactics were superb . They killed the English as they crossed the bridge Wallach’s greatest triumph was the defeat of the English army at Stirring bridge on 11 September 1297 But there is one problem William did not mastermind this plan; Andy Murray did and he got wounded in the battle and died a little later so Wallace was on his own . Wallace was crowned guardian of Scotland after this .

His Job as guardian entailed he take command of the whole Scottish army. Hugh De creasing was skinned and his skin used to make a scabbard for Wallace Zero Some say he was a zero; his failure at Flakier was incredible. The area was too open for Williams guerrilla strategy .

What happened was that the archers weakened the cyclotrons then the knights swept the field. The Scottish knights ran away . After being defeated he ran away to France and tried to rally up supporters then came back but was then handed over to Edward 1 by one of his followers. He was put against a fake court and was found guilty of treason.

He was hung drawn and quartered and the four parts sent to the four corners of Scotland as a reminder of what happens to rebels against the English crown . Bibliography Own Jotter Own memory BBC Démodé files.