Why dont milwaukee school of engineering offer bus passes for students

Why don’t Milwaukee School of Engineering offer bus passes for In the wake of the rise of fuel prices in Milwaukee, many residents opted to look for other means of getting to their destinations in the long run apart from their personal cars. It reached a point where maintenance of personal vehicles started becoming expensive in the long run keeping in mind the cost of fuel and maintenance (Thread). Milwaukee School of Engineering identified this new interest among its residents and the students and opted to start offering bus services to the residents (MSOE).
The school also saw the bus services to be an opportunity to make some money from both the students and the residents who needed to use the bus systems that had been introduced to Milwaukee to get to various places (“ Milwaukee School of Engineering”). Hence, at a fee of less than 60 dollars a month, the Milwaukee school of Engineering bus services was introduced, but did not provide bus passes for its own students unlike many other universities (“ Cooler near the lake”).
The reason for not providing a bus pass for its students was to ensure equality at work and ensure that it served both the residents and the school without any form of favourism. Hence, any person who would wish to use the bus service would just pay for it (Bartlebey).
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