Why canadians should leave afghanistan

since February 2002, approximately 15, 000 Canadian soldiers have served in Afghanistan. 78 Canadian Forces (CF) casualties have occurred, including one diplomat. The role of the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan is often debated. Many disagree with the mission and want the CF to leave Afghanistan now. Doing this however would only be failing the Canadian commitment to the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and NATO. Canada should keep its commitment and remain in Afghanistan until the mission is complete.

Afghanistan is in state that is almost beyond third-world. However, the mission that Canada is currently involved in has improved the country drastically and will continue to do so as long as the mission continues. So why take the chance and leave when Canada could further development and security ? Canada is not just involved in a combat role. We are also deployed to help rebuild the country. If Canada leaves now we would not only break our commitment to NATO, however to the Afghan people who really need the help as well.

Three major reasons to why Canadians are still in Afghanistan and should continue to be in Afghanistan are national security, development of infrastructure and systems , and economics. This alone should be the reason why the Canadian forces should continue their duty in Afghanistan. Even though Canadians are spending billions of dollars ensuring the safety and security of a country that is highly regarded as “ hopeless” in a sense where its highly doubted that this country will ever be stable.

It is not only there obligation but there duty because of the commitment they made and as one the wealthier countries Canada cannot stand idly by and fail to help one of the poorest countries in the world. There are now 2, 500 Canadian Forces personnel participating in the Afghanistan mission most of them being in the most most troubled province of Kandahar. They are there to help the security situation and to help extend the authority in the government.

Also the Canadian forces is training both the Afghanistan National Army and Afghani police force and by doing this, citizens could feel more eat ease knowing that their local police force or national army could provide safety and security from the warlord and tali bans. However not only are we providing security for Afghanistan but to the Canada as well. Canada for many years has been one of al-Qaeda’s top hated countries.

Canadian citizens think that just because there aren’t as recognized as the states in a bad way that we can be safe from attacks such as 9/11. Really we almost definitely could be next to be attacked. Afghanistan is a home for terrorist organizations and criminals. So, by staying in the country to try and eliminate the insurgency we are really protecting the national security of Canada. The same also applies to the countries surrounding Afghanistan. A secure Afghanistan means a secure Central Asia.

Afghanistan is situated between a a pre-nuclear Iran on one side and a post-nuclear Pakistan on the other, geo-politically this can be a problem if Afghanistan fails to establish a self rule government, because then the neighbors will get involved and de-stabilize a radio active region. This is why the Canadian forces are in Afghanistan to prevent situations like theses from occurring. The whole mission is to educate and act as security for this nation until it could help and provide for its own.

If Canadians pull out now what was the reason for coming in the first place ? It would be a waste of time, life andmoneythe only logical thing to do is to stick with it and hope for the best. Canadians are often saying is Canada willing to commit themselves to decades of involvement in Afghanistan, which could cost hundreds of Canadian lives and billions of dollars with no guarantee of ending up with a normal society. This is true to a certain degree that lives will be lost and money will be spent. However is it not the outcome of the situation that counts ? If 1 Canadian dies 1000 people cry If 1000 Afghans die 1 person cries” Canada should be looking towards the future because realistically if we pull out now more Canadian lives could potentially be at stake from al qeida and other terrorist groups. Canada is pushing forward trying to make a Dependant state become independent and yes, this will cost some lives and the use of money but it will benefit them in the long run. Since there time in Afghanistan, Canada has helped the development process immensely by building infrastructure, impementing vaccination programs, healthrelated issues and aneducationsystem. accination program has nearly eradicated the disease in Kandahar province and throughout southern Afghanistan. Second, infant mortality in the region has taken a dramatic downturn. Also there are a lot more children than the previous generation and this is very vital to the development of Afghanistan. The Canadianinternational developmentagency is the main contributer to the development aspects of things. They have taken on the role of Investing in the future of Afghan children and youth through development programming in education and health and improving the lives of Afghans, especially women and children.

The Afghan people are relying on the international community to help them rebuild their lives and their country after having suffered through decades of instability, oppression and insurgency. By supporting the rebuilding of institutions such as independent courts, police and an army, Canada is laying the ground work out for afghans. This shows that Canadian efforts are not going to waste and more importantly that they are slowly making a change and even though it has taken them 11 years to do so, Canada is finally starting to see results in which do not occur over night.

Some people might argue the fact that the government is using the taxpayers money for something that has no beneficial value to the Canadian citizens. People need to realize that Afghanistan was a training ground for terrorists whose actions disrupted Canadian lives and economy. In order to prevent this from happening again Canada is instituting a government system and a strong military force. Also there trying to find a different source in which the afghan economy can flourish because right now Afghanistan main source of income are poppy fields however we know I as heroin. lowly womens ability to explore and achieve improved economic potential is healthier and generates hope for a brighter future for them and their families. Furthermore economic empowerment is not a womens issue its a development issue, there isn’t a better way to improve a county’s living condition than to empower women. If there are more people in th working class than the country could generate more income. Canada’s involvement allowed women to take a minor step into empowerment, which as we all know is a great deal in Afghanistan.

However the problem for the country isn’t that it cant generate income, it is that it can development a great economy but the ground work to start them off was never there until the Canadians showed up. The fact is that Afghanistan has substantial untapped natural resources, including not only oil, natural gas and copper but hydro-electric power sources as well. Developing Afghanistan’s capacity to export energy could help improve the nation’s economy and defuse regional tensions. Canadian corporations should be ready to take part in such major development projects.

Our involvement would benefit both Canada and Afghanistan. With so much going for Afghanistan development process and the minor risks taken by Canada, why shouldn’t they stay and continue the job that they committed to. The only logical answer could be if there was no development process and the whole wasfailure, but its not Canada is building and reshaping Afghanistan economy, government. A major step as already been taken by granting women some rights and citizens of Canada need to take notice of this. If canada keeps this up lowly but surely Afghanistan will be a independent country with limitedterrorism.