Whatsapp to hide and archive, you can also

WhatsApp Messenger is a freeware social messaging platform where user interact with which people whose contact is saved in his device. The WhatsApp application allows the sending of text messages and voice  calls and video calls also, people also share other multimedia document and user location. Generally WhatsApp run on Android and Ios platform but now you can connect it with your personal computer with the help of Bar Code program. Initial release date of WhatsApp is January 2009 approximate 9 years ago.

WhatsApp had approximate 1 billion user worldwide. As we already describe the difference between WhatsApp Group and Broadcast. Here We will see “ How To Hide Chat In WhatsApp Without Any Application”. Hide Chat In WhatsApp: In a technical era where we spend lots of time at social media to connect our love one’s with the help of Social messaging application and Social media Sites, (Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter). When We use these platform to sharing media and do chatting with people than sometimes also we think about the privacy of our chat.

Here We will tell you How to Hide chats in WhatsApp without any application, You have to follow a few step to Archive your Chat (One people or More then one). Lets have a look-Step 1- Open Your WhatsApp Application and Select Chat which you want to hide and archive, you can also select multiple chats. From Left To Right: Hide Chat In WhatsApp Step By StepStep 2- Now you can see at right upper corner their is three vertical dots (Vertical Ellipsis) and near this dots a “ Archive” icon is also showing you, touch on it. Now you chat is archived as it will shown in image. How To Archived Chat In WhatsAppNote: You can see number of  Archived Chat At the footer of the Application or Last at the all chats.

Un-Hide or UnArchived The Chat In WhatsApp: Step 1- Just Scroll the chat menu and touch to the “ Archived Chat” menu and you will see all your hide or archived chat. Step 2- Now if you want to unhide these chats than touch on ‘ Archived’ option which shown you at the right of the selected chat. Left To Right: Follow This For Hide The ChatAnother method to UnArchived Chat: Step 1- Once Again click on ‘ Three Dot’ or “ Vertical Ellipsis” icon and scroll to ‘ Settings’. Step 2- Now a new window is open and click on “ Chat History”. Step 3- Select Your option whatever you want to Hide Or Unhide your Chat. You can also check out this is cool tech knowledge “ What Is Two Factor Authentication and uses in WhatsApp Facebook Complete Details”. I hope this article helpful for you, Have a nice day.