What’s the deal with uniforms?

If uniforms change a student’s attitude, behavior, and grades horrendously, why is it allowed anyways? Over the years, school districts everywhere are trying to push this into public schools.

They have a vision that all undergrads in every school will act more proper and will focus more if they allow it. However, enforcing this policy is a horrible idea and a huge waste of time. I strongly believe that districts in each state should not allow uniforms in public schools because the principals and teachers will have a big problem on their hands when the population of misbehaved pupils skyrockets. When the policy of having uniforms in schools are finally enforced, a few or numerous amounts of novices are not going to wear them anyway. Some of them will act very ignorant that they won’t listen or care when the administrators tell them that they are in trouble day after day for not wearing their ensembles.

Bullies and well-knowned guys are great examples of adolescents that won’t put the term “ uniforms” in their thoughts, not for one second. On the contrary, since they won’t listen or care for this action at all, then others will soon follow their example and be just like them. Also, this rule prohibits you from expressing yourself in your clothing. In other words, some of your peers would want to stand out among the enormous crowd and make them known amidst everyone. On the other hand, they are banned from doing that because each person is dressed exactly the same, so they’ll feel like they’re just blending in with their surroundings. Since your fellow classmates are blocked from expressing themselves, then they’re most likely going to transfer to another school that will allow them to wear what they feel.

Although, we scholars are in the identical clothing, some will find a way to pick on you or a defenseless other more even though your dressed just like them. Now and days bullies pick on you because of how smart you are, how weak you are, how short or tall you are, etc. When they see you in similar garments as them, they’ll find another reason to intimidate you because of how you look. Additionally, it’s not jus brawlers that will hector you, pedants who don’t even know you will too. Overall, uniforms will corrupt mayhem for principals and teachers.

A few adolescents won’t wear them, thus making the bar of misbehaved amateurs to skyrocket. This strategy forbids everyone from expressing themselves. Furthermore, it doesn’t help you with your bully dilemma, it only makes it worse. I may ask, if you were a superintendant or the dean of your school, would you want this going on in your school?