What contribution the program will make to my education

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by International laws and the nuances thereof. I remember how, as a child, I used to wonder at how international disputes get settled. What is more, coming from a family with immigrant history, I heard stories about family members who came from far off lands to settle here, in the United States. Some of the tales I was told were quite harrowing, especially regarding how hard the process was at times for the immigrants. My interest aroused, I decided I wanted to learn more about the phenomenon. This led me to where I am today: majoring in criminal justice, and currently studying international criminology, international human rights, international economics, with a seminar attended on terrorism. With only two semesters left till I graduate with a Bachelors degree, I have well acquainted myself with the basics of criminal justice, and it has only caused to pique my interest further. I want to, now, study the subject in as much depth as I can. There are a lot of areas of this subject that I want to know more about and gain more expertise in. I am applying for the Masters in International Criminal Justice at this institute because it has been my goal to acquaint myself well with the subject. On a personal level, this would help me learn more about a subject I feel quite passionate about. The more knowledge a person acquires, the more he grows personally, and that would be the case for me as well while pursuing this degree. Since the degree touches upon certain sociological issues as well, it would help me expand my knowledge with regard to the sociological concerns that face immigrants after their immigration. Moreover, I would get insight into factors that would help me in my career later on: my career goal is to work at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Therefore, this degree fits right in to my career plans as well. As mentioned earlier, I come from an immigrant background myself, that is why, the interest that I would take in my education would also be of a personal nature, and that would enable me to gain much more than just theoretical knowledge about the subject. I would be able to give my input, along with relating my family’s experiences – the insight, I feel, would benefit the program greatly. My hardworking nature, along with my focused mindset, would help me during the program. However, what is more, the fact that I am a team player and that I do well with others would help create cohesion in the program, thus, benefiting the program and those who have entered it alongside me. I would consider it a great opportunity to be allowed entry into the program, and I would do my best to excel at it. My record shows just how hardworking I am, and I would, of course, prove my mettle at this program as well.