What caused world war i

The implication is that over time, countries in Europe had been making mutual defense agreements, and these soon pulled them to battles. The agreements also meant that if a country was attacked, the allied states would offer defense against the war. Therefore, Austria-Hungary’s declaration of war on Serbia marked the beginning of World War One as Russia moved in to defend Serbia a move that prompted Germany to declare war on Russia. Germany also attacked France through Belgium, and this also triggered the war with the Britons. Other allied states joined the war where the USA, Japan, and Italy entered the sides of their allies. Therefore, to this extent, the war has been blamed on the strong allies that encouraged a warm atmosphere.
The intelligence tests, Alpha and Army Beta tests became popular during World War One as they were used to screen the army (Wynn, 343). The main purpose of the test was to offer the commanders with a chance and a quick method of testing the ability of their personnel or the junior army. History holds that the test was successful in testing and measuring verbal ability, the ability to follow directions, numerical ability, as well as knowledge information of the draftees. Besides, the Army Beta was a non-verbal tool that successfully evaluated the draftees on the levels of their literacy and was successful with the non-schooled as well as non-English speaking draftees and the volunteers. Therefore, the tests were administered on the draftees and helped the senior officers to identify the candidates who were capable of serving. On the other hand, the tests were also crucial for the classification of the draftees into various military jobs. Besides, history holds that the senior officers also used the tests to select the individuals who had leadership traits to feel in the positions of the retired officers. Generally, the tests were actually effective in serving their purpose of testing verbal and non-verbal capabilities of the army draftees.