Weight of a nation consequences

In order to see proper as made the problem needs to be addressed and programs created to benefit the lifestyle f Americans. It was very interesting for me to see how much of an impact the Bugaboos He art Study has had on our nation. It was the only study of its kind that was able to monitor orobesityfrom young children into their adulthood lives.

Some of the statistics that shocked me were: children who are obese are eight times more likely to have heart disease as a n adult 77 percent of children who were obese remained obese as an adult h of society are able to maintain a healthy weight people who come from a lower socioeconomic status have higher obesity rat sees obesity increases asthma rates by 52 percent limited play space for children affects their overallhealthAs I took the time to really think about obesity and what is means to America thought a lot about myfamily.

Growing up we didn’t have the greatest socio anomic status. There were always challenges and struggles. As a result there are members w ho struggle with obesity within my family. I can look further back and can see the results of o exist generations in the past. This video really helped me to understand the many consequence s that occur due to obesity. Live that access tofast foodjust killing lifestyle in our nation. T here was a quote that really liked from the video. Order to make a change, it has to be a co and nation outreach for change. ” I couldn’t agree more. In order to be able to see a change think that it needs to be targeted not only in communities but as a nation. Very go d video that opened my eyes to the reality of obesity.