Week 5 dq 2

Virtual Teams Virtual Teams A virtual platform encompasses a geographic allocation on the bases of assembly of a team of people who work on similar grounds and share like goals and adhere to parallel objectives. They share strong bonds of communication to fulfill their working obligations via the exciting up to date field of Information Technology. Virtual world that was once a dream, now has a purely true existence. Everyday rapid advancements in technology have made this dream come true that was once an assumed fantasy. Technology has made it possible to unfold the restricted bounds of information that has now undoubtedly become versatile via the virtual organizations. Sharing and appreciation of valuable information has now become so easy. Technology that has paved way for the creation of virtual world via consecutive phases of up gradation is now admired as a heavenly blessing for mankind. Talking about workers’ perspectives, gone are the days when people had to bear the stressful 9 to 5 timings of office life (Baack, 2012). They can now peacefully step in the welcoming and opportunity rich environment of the virtual arena. They can now mint money via definite desirable flexibility of working on their own terms. The con of this virtual resource of employment is that the dependability of technology is not much sustained. A breakdown of power supply can result in hefty losses of income and reputation. Multi technical complexities and setbacks can also often arise without expertise to sort them out. Physical absence can also serve as a great hurdle in the employee’s productivity as it provokes more towards miscommunication. However, Technology has innumerable advantages. Within an unimaginable time lapse, accurate condensed information across the world can be attained regarding multiple factors, enabling efficient decision-making. The virtual world saves hefty travelling costs and valuable time, therefore providing ornamental profits to any business. Technological advancements such as the internet, teleconferencing and email has impacted the virtual organizations in quite a positive manner and are the main reasons due to which virtual organizations have become so well known (Chmiel, 2009).
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