We shall remain, geronimo essay examples


Geronimo is an episode in “ We shall remain” documentary series that is about Native American history covering 17th century to 20th century. In this episode, Apache Geronimo together with his fierce warriors refuses to accept Mexican and United States expansion into his tribe’s land. Therefore, after watching this episode one is in a position to answer the seven questions below.
What new land did the U. S. gain in 1848, after the Mexican American War?
After Mexican American War in 1848, the U. S gained the Southwestern United States land. This region was ceded by Mexico to United States in Treaty of Guadalupe.

What event drove Americans through the Southwest?

The Americans were driven through the Southwest by white colonization event. Therefore, their aim was essentially white colonization. White colonization in Apache’s homeland contributed to their strongly resist for a number of generations.

Who did President Ulysses S. Grant send to Arizona to institute a new federal Indian policy?

President Ulysses S. Grant sent George Crook to Arizona so as to institute a fresh federal Indian policy.

What was this policy and how did this differ from previous federal policy?

This policy was Peace Policy and it differed from the previous federal policy by its attempt to move the Indians closer to the white civilization hence eventually United States citizens through helping them to become farmers and housing them on the reservations.
What was the choice Crook gave the Apache? How did the Apache know about the choice Navajos had been given ten years prior?
Crook gave Apache the choice to negotiate rather than forcing conflict where at the end he was in a position to force Apache onto the reservations. Apache knew about the choice that Navajos had actually given 10 years before through the war scouts.

After centuries of warfare between Indians and settlers, what did Geronimo’s surrender signify?

After numerous warfare centuries between the settlers and Indians, Geronimo’s surrender signified that he had now felt the consequences of war hence was no more interested in wars and was ready to accept the will of the US government.

How did America change after the Indian Wars were over?

After the Indian wars came to an end, America changed since it experienced consequences where economically the nation was brought down. The economic activities reduced as a result of war.

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