Ways to discipline a child

Discipline a child
Discipline to an individual comes when thought right from a young age. It is the most important aspect which shapes an individual. To discipline the child in a right way, psychologists have come up with various researches. According to Parenting Effectiveness expert Carolyn Webster-Stratton, It is important for a parent to maintain a good emotional tone with their children. He tells that a clear and effective command with calm tone usually guides the child in the right direction. For example, a parent should tell the child that he/she can play the video game once the home work is done. This creates a win-win situation both for the parent and the child. He gets what he wants and the parent gets discipline in his child.
Many parents though over use this method and sometimes use violence as a method to control their children. Another famous psychologist, B. F Skinner though does not believe in this method. He tells that avoiding yelling and violent punishments in most times can keep the child quiet. According to him, parents should reward their children when they behave in a certain way. Parents should come up with consequences related to that behavior to reward the child and keep him interested in doing the right things.
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