Walt disney research paper sample

Walter Disney is a mass media corporation based in California. An interview conducted by the conglomerate’s chief executive unearthed several vital issues about the company. Some of the issues that came up in the interview revolve around the management style of the company, changes that have taken place in the company, and people’s view about the company.
The company’s management practices participatory management style. This means that all stakeholders including workforce are involved in decision making process at the company (Negandhi &Savara, 1989). The participatory leadership approach is boosted by the fact that the company has various channels of communication that that are digital and, therefore, allows interactive communication between management, the workforce and other stakeholders.
The interview also reveals that several changes have taken place at the organization that gives the organization an edge in the communications industry. For instance, the company has diversified its operations over the years to include animation, film production, television production, and travels (Negandhi &Savara, 1989). Moreover, it also operates divisions dealing in theatre, radio, online media and publishing.
The interview by the CEO of the company also reveals that people have a positive attitude towards the products and services of this conglomerate. The company boasts of being one of the most popular and largest studios in Hollywood and globally. Most of its products are watched all over the world. The success of the company is obvious judging by the responses from the interview. It shows that the company is putting in place all measures to remain relevant and competitive in the industry.


Negandhi, A. R., & Savara, A. (1989). International strategic management. Lexington, Mass.: Lexington Books.