Virtue ethics research proposal examples

Virtue ethics is a gateway for making decisions by an individual regarding to morals and may be independent without the influence of culture or religion. Virtue ethics entails an individual’s mental component of the character which may result to personal actions. It is based on the what a person may do thus depicts character and humanity. Some of the differences between the virtue ethics and other theories are that it does not ask why an action is not just or fair but instead dwells on the virtuous part of a person. This therefore elaborately explains the ethical position of an individual and the extent at which the actions can be enhanced.
‘ Golden mean’ is vices of an extreme that may be of much more and that of deficiency. An example is modesty which entails bashfulness and shamelessness. Therefore, virtues involve being honesty, maximum self-control and integrity among others. They are determined by self moderation and commitments to give the best. Much as the theories may demonstrate a capacity for commitments to certify society’s needs, it has a weakness of dependency (Biagi and Shirley 347).
Virtues evolve out of society’s actions to uphold the required good personal attributes. The theory works best when combined with another to collaborate all that the society needs to make it more reliable. A man thinks differently from a woman and hence this translates to an action of its own judgment. Feminism in other words denies the case for the differences between a man and a woman as depicted by tradition that male may be rational while women being emotional. Sexuality gives young people a chance to determine the intimacy in regard to the societal ethics. Care ethics is subsumed in the virtue ethics through construing care to be an important virtue thus this can easily lead to attainment of goals. Strengths of care ethics are more compelling since they retrogress on the emotional engagements and the moral values. Private morality should be subject to legislation to enable resolve any shortcoming that may result from such relationship (Louden and Robert 6). McMurty’s being against monogamy is an issue that ought to be individual and not forced. Finally, Russell’s call of sexual ethics is totally in agreement to the societal norms and therefore this make a complement of the critiques.

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