Unit tesco assignment

Is the biggest company so they must plan ahead to achieve the following: Tests offers a wide range of products which attract customers of different Interests. By doing so this will then encourage customers to return to the business and repurchase the same products. Tests expresses these values through: understanding customers: priorities the consumers’ needs; acting within communities responsibly; treating customers, as well as Deco’s team with respect: building common respect and trust; sharing experiences and knowledge.

Tests now provide services online. By selling online, the business can reach more customers ND it is an easier way to sell their products, as some people may not be able to go into the store and some people might not have time to do their shopping. Tests has always been at the forefront of the market, as well as keeping its customers happy. Tests did everything to retain loyal customers, for example they keep opening new stores, which are also beneficial to customers.

In addition they have many great ways to keep their profits raising, for example they do loyalty cards (Club cards) to encourage the customers to come back to the store. Also more profit always means ore growth and therefore a more successful company. However by doing all these, they expanded their business as they have more customers now. Also Kingsbury has done a card which gives discount and offers to their customers. However, there Is Samsung that sell all the technology items which is a well-known brand. They have online to offer more products and to pick up everything easily.

Samsung have a strong competitor which is Apple. However, Samsung both companies are doing well but Samsung is keep improving their products that they sell and there Is always something new. Samsung website helps them to promote their products online. They also operate 24/7 and the customers can be able to access In at any time. They have also discount when a customer buys a product from their shop they will give you headphones or something else to recommend their business and service. Product Development In addition, Tests has started to sell new products so It can be compete with Kingsbury.

Tests sells clothes, mobile phones and grocery products and many more to gain more customers however Kingsbury started selling clothes and also technological products. By taking these actions, it enabled Tests to compete and Keep up wilt ten mall competition. Samsung Is always making new products so It can compete with Apple. However as we all know that they always launch new products every year to attract more customers. Also Apple made a new product to take the place from Samsung, they launched Phone. But has not been behind they made their ‘ Samsung so’ which some people say that it is better than PHONE.

Samsung also started to improve all the products that they are doing in the actual store to have many customers as they can. Pricing Businesses such as Tests and Samsung trade online and both of the businesses have their prices on the website to purchase their products. Tests and Kingsbury will always have reasonable prices for their customers from other competitors. Tests has helped the customers to compare their products to the other competitor’s prices however the customers will be happy to shop from Tests because they have cheaper products from other stores around the local areas.

Overall, Samsung has cheap prices for those who have money in their pockets, however they have too many acclivities for their customers such as the customers will be able to contact to Samsung 2417 to buy a phone or for more information about the product that the customer will be buying in the store. Also, some most people in these days prefer to be on contract than paying the full price as it is quite and easy to pay monthly. Customer relations To meet the requirements in both businesses which are Tests and Kingsbury have an email and websites where customers will be able to discuss about their opinions or about the services to complaints.

However it is always been easy to receive a dieback from these two companies when there is a problem. Kingsbury is able to communicate with its customers by giving answer to customer’s feedback. Conclusion Both businesses have their effectively in order to keep their market share. However online services benefits them to attract more customers and websites are always been offered to customers 2417. And I have gained a good understanding that is good for businesses to have an online services for their customers . Finally I have gained new knowledge about this assignment and I hope this unit will help me to have a great idea.