Types of friends argumentative essay

Linh Tran Prof J. Mc Dade English 1301 Date 2/2/2013 How to Study Effectively There is no doubt that studying is a long-term process. However, students grapple with many issues in their lives, and because of all of the competing things for their attention. Therefore, it is hard to concentrate on studying. Therefore, how to studying effectively is a question should be defined to all students. The key to effective studying is not cramming. There are some ways to studying effectively. First of all, students need to have the attitude and motor studying clearly.

Whether they spend time learning more or less, this is the most important factor affecting their studies. They will not be able to learn most effectively if they do not get a correct learning attitude. According to Lou Holtz assets that “ ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivationdetermines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do”. Those are true. Students themselves need to answer some questions such as: what they study for; who they study for. Studying is for comprehensive development of thepersonality, and for personal success.

Without the right attitude, students will not be able to do its best and overcome all difficulties, so what is a good learning attitude? Optimistic positive and purpose are two important factors. Optimistic thinking is the key factor. This is also an important contributing factor to the success of many successful people. For example, English is my second language, so it is not easy to learn all skills such as: speaking, listening, grammar, and writing. I was not good at speaking. When I moved to United State, I always had trouble in communicate with people daily.

My friends in my class, even myteacher, they did not understand when we communicated together. It frustrated me that I was bad. Moreover, because of this second language, I used to have a trouble on the first day coming to school. I remember that; after an orientation day, I got home by bus. I was so tired because I did not adapt to US’s time zone. I overslept, so I missed the bus stop. When I wake up, I did not realize that until I myself wondered that “ why stretch of road from school to house was further more from house to school? Immediately, I asked a bus driver, but she did not understand what I was talking about. I tried to say, and explained by gesture for her. It took me too long to explain for her. She was not almost patient to hear me. Also, finally she understood and showed me some next stops which I needed to take to go home. I felt bad about myself. However, at that time, I consoled by myself that I could overcome obstacles and difficulties in this second language. Later on, step-by-step I planned practicing speaking English to my classmates daily.

At the result, I made more progress in speaking. Therefore, at such time, how to overcome negative feeling in studying so that students can love themselves more and give positive solutions for their studying. In addition, studying purpose is also necessary. If students take aim for scores, the learning for them will be ahard workonly. Let’s define the purpose of their learning. For example, learning English is my determination to learn it to reach a massive knowledge base of humanity, learning to communicate with my international friends.

Optimistic positive and purpose are one of factors help student’s leaning become more effective. Second, the main factors of effective learning are where students study, and when they spend time to study. A lot of students make the mistake of studying in place that really is not ideal. The place students choose to study should not be distracting. If students try and study in their dorm room; for instance, they may find the computer, TV, or a roommate more interesting than the reading material they are trying to digest. A good study area is a quiet and bright place.

Also, there are a lot of good place to study such as library, private room, or study hall, or a quiet coffee house. For example, my ideal places to study are in the library, or my private room. I choose those place because of they are the quiet areas, not the loud. Therefore, I can focus on studying more effective. Finding an ideal study place is important, because it is one the students can reliably count on for the next few years. Besides that, they also should not make light of studying time. Students’ effective learning time is usually about 45 minutes; then they need to take a break to relax a bit.

Also if they feel lost, they do not have knowledge of trying too hard to remember it all. The principles of effective learning are to let your mind relax, and then it would be knowledge. If they want to review the lessons, they should review them then 10 minutes, then one day, then one week, and one month. Defining the time is also very important. The ability of human intellectual labor increases from early morning to near noon, then subside – after lunch should have a little nap for 20-30 minutes also. Afternoon performance was higher in the morning, especially for difficult subjects.

Do not wake after 22 hours – because the mind after a day of work seems to have saturated, no longer absorb any more. My studying habit is that I always review the lesson on the day I get it. I do the home work at night. Also, I learn the lessons by heart in the following morning. Those methods make I can learning well. Student cannot study well without owning suitable studying time and studying space. Finally, keep healthy and balanced is one of effective factors so that students can study well. They need to eat and drink moderation.

They need supplement more some types of vitamins and herb to their regular, healthy diet. For example, vitamin A, C, D, E and K and the B vitamins have specific roles in the body. Vitamin C helps healthy cell; vitamin D, calcium and vitamin E maintain cell structure. While the B vitamins, including folic acid, improves brain function. ” The optimal brain function depends on the full extent of all the vitamins,” according to the Daily Mail quoted expert David Kennedy of the University of Northumbria (UK). In addition, they should exercise frequently like just walking 15 minutes in a day.

That helps them have healthy. Finding the ways to keep healthy and balanced is not too hard, also helping the students’ studying is better. How to study effectively is always an important question, which should be given to all students so that they can study well. In my opinion, there are some good ways such as they need to define the attitude and motor studying clearly; they need to know where the ideal place is to study, and arranging studying time in a rational way; they also keep healthy and balanced. Mastering those way, and students can improve their studying effectively.