Toefl essay. what is more important to support: arts or protection of enviroment?

Obviously, both of these two choices have their own reasons that our society could get benefits from each of them. In the past several decades, remarkable achievements have been made in the arts, while our natural environments are increasingly getting worse and even more difficult to handle. Under these current circumstances, I believe that it is not so hard to make decision about this question. The company should choose to protect the environment. The first and the most important thing is that we must survive on this planet that allows us almost every possibility, including supporting the arts or something like. These days, our natural environments are under the threats of contamination, global warming, extinction of species, etc. For example, the oil leaking on the Gulf of Mexico, has contaminated a large amount of sea area. And this not only has a negative effect on ocean-life, also it has influence on our life strongly. Therefore, it is very worthy to costing some money to protect the environment. Furthermore, spending some money on protecting the environment is a good investment to a company. It is from fact that our every activity is based on our environment. As far as I am concerned, if the company spends some money on environmental friendly issue, it will gain more public attention and earn more supports by which the company could grasp the best opportunity to develop more successfully. In return, the company would also do more and more things that good to the environment. Finally, giving some money to protect the environment is one thing, and doing the precedent to protect environment is quiet another. If a company take a good example for protecting environment, it is easy to imagine that this successful precedent will provoke the public and also other companies to protect our brittle environment. By means of this, I believe that more environmental protection programs which are running for our wellbeing will come into being. In view of the above concerns, the company should choose to protect the environment rather than to support the arts.