Things that annoy me

Topic: things that annoy me in everyday life Things that annoy me? That’s a question which each person has his own personal opinion on this Matter my personal one being different to many of other people. I’ll tell you what annoys me everyday, rude people you go up to some people asking for directions in the city and the completely ignore you like you’re not even there. Manners should be a basic in people’s lives but apparently as I can see and experience almost everyday that’s not the case. People are being brought up without manners in these days and its annoying me quite a lot.

Noisy neighbors In the morning are also a problem since I do not begin university until later on in the morning however my neighbors who wake up to go to work also have noisy kids who decide to yell on their way outside the house so as a result I end up waking up way before I have to and having difficulties going back to sleep making me have slight sleep withdrawal symptoms in class. Another thing that annoys me in everyday life is when I get back to my apartment and want to relax after a stressful day by playing some online video games or want to surf the Internet to watch movies or listen tomusicand I have Internet connection issues.

This frustrates me mostly since I have to get up off the couch figure out what the problem is try and fix it and if y attempts are unsuccessful I have to call the provider and wait on hold to talk to them and having to wait for them to come over and fix it which takes a few days. However even though there are a million things that annoy me in everyday life these are my main reasons. I have a million reasons that annoy me but I Also have select few reasons that make me want to wake up in the morning and start my day despite all thee negativites. By Nicholas Kiprianou