There 1921 albert einstein was awarded with

There is a famous quotes that says , “ Everyone’s a genius, but if judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live his whole life believing that it is stupid” that piece of art was quoted from a famous scientist named Albert Einstein. Albert einstein was one of the famous scientist, the world ever known. However, do you believe that there are more to Einstein’s life than just a “ Theory Space and Time”. There are three important points that you probleple find interesting. The first point, He had invented a crazy theory that describe that general rules of Space and time and as the result he got awarded with a nobel prize. Second point, Aren’t you curious about Albert Einstein’s love life and how he engage in a complicated love story.

And the last point, The Maid blowing fact about albert einstein brain. In 1905, Albert Einstein was working in Bren, Switzerland. While he was working in there he published his researches (300 paper) which he had work over his lifetime  and several of them were his special “ Theory of Relativity” which completely change the way we see space. In the theory of relativity, it describes how space and time behave and interact with one another.

And in 1921 Albert Einstein was awarded with  Nobel Peace for his invention. Surprisingly, Einstein shared some of his money which he got from Nobel Peace with his x-wife. ( 1)There is something interesting about Einstein’s love life.  He was married twice, first to his former student Mileva Maric, and then to his cousin Elsa. Most of people find this fact to be quite odd.

The relationship between his first wife, Mileva Maric, was quite odds because when Albert Einstein married to Mileva Maric he describe his wife as depressed and jealous woman.        Because of that their marriage did not last very long and  it ended with affairs. However the researcher found out that Einstein still had empathy for his first family, he contribution some of his money which he got from his 1921 Nobel Peace Prize winnings to support them.  After that Einstein married his cousin Elsa. The real reason was because he simple admires Elsa’s father and Elsa also had a treason to married Albert Einstein, she said that “ Such a genius should be irreproachable in every respect.

But nature does not behave this way, where she gives extravagantly, she takes away extravagantly “. However the relationship between Elsa and Einstein did not go well. ( 1 & 2)We know the fact the Albert Einstein is super genius guy but  have you ever wondered what’s the secret behind his extraordinary intelligent. After the death of Einstein in 1955, a curious man named Thomas Harvey performed  an autopsy in Einstein’s body.

He removed einstein’s brain and intended to keep it for his  personal research, however, he eventually got cut and fired from his job. After  that einstein brain was cut into 200 pieces and  analyzed by a researcher and  they found out that Einstein’s parental loob is 5% bigger than average human which made him smart (1)