The whipples son research paper examples

Description of Him

Him is a special child born with an unknown deformity. However, he is my best child because of the special characteristics he portrays. He has a strong personality that makes him approach life positively. He is determined, focused and obedient. He does all things as instructed and seems never to complain.
Further, Him has an admirable ability to withstand pain and troubles. Despite the poor conditions is exposed to due to our financial limitations, he does seem to complain. He has a good attitude towards work and more specifically farm work. Unlike his counterparts, who despise farming and the rural conditions, Him remains comfortable and contented. He loves others just like he loves himself and his understanding of matters and facts surprises me. I must admit that I find Him a little abnormal. He does not show the fears often commonly observed in young kids. His ability to perform extra-ordinary activities often attracts the attention of others. I must admit also that I am often afraid for my son. His non fearful approach to activities often exposes him to danger. In addition, his powerful and extraordinary abilities during his childhood show his special place in life and society as a whole.
What may have motivated the author?
The author’s motivation could be derived from the special character of the son. He stands out as a unique child who has been rightly treated differently from the others. In addition, the author could have been driven to write about the story because of the special relationship between mother and son. The author brings out the relationship between the concerned and loving mother and her son in a way that expresses affection between the two. This confirms the general assumption in society on the relationship of mothers and sons. The author exposes the special treatment, admiration and concern the mother gives her son primarily focusing on mother on relationship. This motivation could be identified by comparing the father’s approach to issues of the child with the mother’s approach. One would be tempted to believe the special relationship between the mother and the son prompted the author into writing the story.
In addition, the special abilities of Him despite his seemingly abnormality, could have motivated the author. Despite the unfortunate and poor health of Him, he seems to have the ability to struggle through life and enjoy the little pleasures available to him. He uses the few opportunities he has to enjoy life and do what would be beneficial for the family. Incidentally, he helps the family and passes out as more responsible and useful to the family when compared to the other children. It passes out that he ably represents the position of the useful son of the family. However, the author’s motivation could have been captured by the unfortunate ending. Despite being so useful and loved by the family, he finally has to die. He leaves for the County hospital in a clear way that shows the arrival of the end.

Why the letter H in Him capitalized

The capitalized H serves to communicate various messages. The capitalization could be for the communication of the fact the character referred to is special in one way or another. It could be for purposes of showing that Him is a special character. Indeed, analysis the story, one notices that Him is not just an ordinary child. He is in a completely different situation. Despite the fact that he relates with others and has not been isolated, he has special features that make him stand out in crowds. He can the impossible and almost fears nothing at all. His brave approach to life despite his abnormality shows his special status.
Further, the capitalization could be observed as a communication of the mother’s intended reference to the son. The mother loves him most, adores him and treats him specially. When she refers to Him, she is not referring to any random male person as is often the case in using the pronoun him. Rather, she refers to the son. It could also be observed that Him is capitalized as it is a name given to the son. In English language, the names of persons other than mere pronouns are usually capitalized at the beginning. Finally, the capitalization could be the author’s method of communicating to the audience the main character that the story revolves. Since the story was mainly about the son, the author decided to capitalize Him when referring to the son of the Whipples.

What the Whipples argue over

The Whipples argue over three main issues. First, they argue over the parental relationship with the special boy. The mother wants the boy to be given special yet not noticeable by the outsiders. On the other hand, the father does not hide his reservations for the boy. He openly states the problems the boy faces and his abnormalities. This generates into an argument between the two couples.
Further, the couple argues over the treatment of their relatives by the family. The mother desires good treatment for her relatives; she insists on slaughtering the pig for her brother who is visiting. The father does not support that considering that an economic loss. Lastly, the poverty of the family is a source of argument. The mother desires better life for her family while the father appears content with the current situation.