The visual arts

Literature: Visual Arts Annie Besant The role of the Annie Besant in todays society She was a reformer who championed for a range of issues including rights of women, secularism, better conditions for workers and birth control. Her works have a role in today’s society in that female workers today enjoy better working conditions. Annie Besant help lead a strike of female workers, and her efforts have resulted in the evolution and improvement of working conditions of the female worker.
Annie Besant had a role to play. Since she was a writer, she used the writing avenue to be the voice of the women in society. She was also instrumental and prominent in women rights activism. She also had a leadership role in her time because she was a leading and eloquent speaker. Her vision was to reform the society both the politically and socially.
Many artists, today, lack an idea concerning their role in society. Musicians, for example, they are supposed to be role models in the community. They are expected to use the wide fan base and influence in the community to convey for change in the society. For example, they can use the music to champion for the protection of the environment (Roston, 2006).
An example of an artist who had a significant impact on our society
John Lennon established himself had a renowned singer and songwriter who used his music to promote social change and peace in the world. He was an activist in the world of music, and it is said that his activism was behind the stopping of war in Vietnam. His song ‘ Imagine’ has been regarded has an anthem and theme song for peace in the world. It makes his work relevant at the time there was war and peace was lacking in many places of the world like Vietnam.
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