The seven habits of highly sucessful band nerds

Be Proactive: In band, we can be proactive by coming to class on time, having all of our necessary supplies with us, such as planner, pencils, and various sticks and/ or mallets, and being ready to play when the bell rings. Ahem, that means no traipsing into the band room humming Hedwig’s Theme at 10: 19. Begin with the End in Mind: In band, we can begin with the end in mind by setting goals for band (such as, not tripping in the middle of the big percussion feature, not getting lost and playing the big cymbal crash in the middle of the flute solo, and not leaving my music in my locker on the first day of school and having to go back to get it an hour after school… not that I did that or anything) and working hard to achieve them. Put First Things First: In band, we can put first things first by practicing and figuring out music before doing fun, yet time-wasting, things such as hosting Saved by the Bell marathons or pasting yet another Zac Efron poster to our bedroom walls. Win-Win: In band, we can seek win- win situations by helping others that are having trouble with the instruments (never forget- Spock, “ C”, sideways, then you hold the triangle), so that we all can sound good and the success is spread around, like peanut butter on burnt toast.

Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood: In band, we can seek first to understand and then to be understood by listening and paying attention to Mr. Henigman, Mr. Jackson, and Mrs. Kuhn, even if we have absolutely no idea what in the world they’re talking about (how is a fortissississississimo even possible??) and then we will voice our concerns (pardon me, but I really don’t want to break my arm, and/or the nine thousand dollar xylophone), questions (excuse me, but crazy band director say whaaaaat?), or just plain confusion (there’s a note called “ G”? oh man was I off…). Synergize: In band, we can incorporate synergy by working together for a better sounding band and joining the percussion, woodwinds, and brass forces for beautiful sounding harmonies (when we hit the right notes, that is). In other words, think Hershey’s chocolate syrup and milk.

Milk is full of health benefits. Hershey’s, though lacking in the health department, has a rich, succulent taste. Put the two together and Bam! they synergistically create the marvelous chocolate milk. So just think chocolate milk. Sharpen the Saw: In band, we can sharpen the saw by regularly bettering ourselves in all the aspects of our lives, so we will be prepared to handle band better. Sharpen the physical saw- have regular High School Musical dance parties.

Sharpen the neurological saw- read Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition (I Recommend the “ Q” s). Sharpen the cardiac saw- obsess about the fantabulistical Nick Jonas on the phone with Arachelle for three hours…every day. Sharpen the soulful saw- fill entire notebooks with passionate poetry about why you love being in band . My Goals as a Highly Effective Band Nerd: I would like to present the next portion of my essay in poetry. Goals for Myself (Limerick) There once was a band nerd named Rachel On her band goals she often did dwell First chair her ambition She made it her mission And now our dear Rachel excels Goals for the Band (Parody of “ Friday” by Rebecca Black) 7 am waking up in the morning Gotta practice gotta go to band Gotta have a goal don’t wanna look like a fool Playing our song metronome goin’ Ticking on and on everybody’s rushin’ Gotta play our song good Get on the band bus, I see my friends (my friends) Band is fun with my peeps But percussionists are squirrely But despite that We’ll get a one today It’s district contest Gotta impress the judges Everybody’s hoping our song won’t end soon It’s district contest Impressing the judges Everybody’s hoping our song won’t end soon Getting a getting a ONE Getting a getting a ONE One, one, one, one Even on sight reading 7: 45 driving down the highway Cruising so fast is H gonna curb it One, one, we got a one We just rock so hard I got this, you got this My drum kit’s by my right I got this you got this Now everyone knows it (Then it’s the chorus again!!!) There you have it! That’s how we can all be more effective band nerds.

The End