The pre-solicitation notice

Analyse the importance of the pre-solicitation notice to the success or failure of the contracting process. Speculate on the consequence of a contracting process without the employment of the pre-solicitation notice.
Pre solicitation allows for the identification of the contractors by acquisitions officials. This is a process makes the contract be finalized quicker than normally where pre-solicitation is not conducted. In businesses that need evaluation by the federal agencies, the pre-solicitation notice makes the process quicker and less bureaucratic (Stanberry, 2012). Contracting processes normally are slower and require spending a lot of time and resources on checking and verification of the offices or other property and this can be sped up through the pre-solicitation process. Since notices of buying attract many people, pre-solicitation notices assist in sorting out the potential buyers from the rest of the group and this also saves a lot of lost hours in trying to determine the serious buyers from the whole lot.
Recommend at least three approaches in which the pre-solicitation notice process could be improved to better assist first-time contract bidders. Support your recommendation
Many contract bidders are busy and have little patience for long processes not to mention a lengthy notice which they are required to read through before agreeing to it. Reducing the wording and the process altogether will really help the first time contract bidders.