The path to happiness and success

When I ask people what do you want out of life, the majority of people say, “ I just want to be happy” or “ I want to be successful” It seems like that they are not achieving anywhere near the “ happiness” or “ success” So It has opened me new ways of thinking. It made me think about what I want in the future and that I want to be happy and successful at the same time. It is tremendously important for people to have a definite aim of what they want because without such an aim, your life cannot move forward powerfully and progressively. It marks your first point toward success. It is what put your life into real action mode. Without this step, the other steps of achievement cannot take place.

To being with, myfamilyis one of the reasons that I am a happy person today. My family is a safe place where I can be myself. I never have to explain myself to my family because they really know who I am. I can cry too hard or laugh too loud and never worry what they will think of me. It is happy when I have a home to come back after a bad or long day. I don’t need to fear that someone may lie to me or hurt me, because I know that my family will do the best thing to me. Moreover, my family members will give me advice if I want it, but they will not judge me or make me ashamed of my behavior.

When I was a kid, I always see my parents working so hard to get what they want and that they could be able to provide for me and my family. Thanks to my working-hard parents, it made me want to have a collegeeducationand be successful in order to make them more proud. My parents always ask me how I do in college and what I want to study because they just want to make sure that I am on the track to success. Even though I am struggling academically and personally, my parents always make sure that they give me greatest love and support, so that way I will know I have my family by my side.

My family are my strength and inspiration, so they are the reason I continue to work and study hard. Also having acollege experienceis the most important thing that has occurred in my life and one of the reasons that I am a happy person today because college is great in the fact that it allows us to expand our knowledge, provides job connections to our chosen field, and we can gain and develop skills (organization, teamwork, time management, etc.) When I arrive at college, I was afraid because I was not sure what to do on my own and that I would make new friends that quick but I found many that are similar with my interests, values, and even sense of humor, so it was a wonderful feeling to make new friends when you have none.

Also I made connections with some college graduates and a few of the professors, which is an important aspect of the college experience because they are further along in their careers than me. When it comes time to search for a job, I am going to take advantage of it, so I can call on those in the network that I have built in order to make this process much easier. During my time as a student in RIT, I was starting to find a strong interest in business major that NationalTechnologyInstitute for the Deaf (NTID) provides because business opens the door to a huge number of potential careers such as accountants and marketers.

I completed Associates degree in NTID Business, so I plan on receiving a Bachelor ofSciencedegree from College of Business because I want to continue learning. Also Associates degree is not enough because I want to improve myself and the standard of living for my future family through higher education. My plans are to not only use education as a tool to prepare me for a vocation, but also to help me become a self-sufficient individual who is fully prepared for life. When I completed AS degree, I applied to get in College of Business two times but unfortunately they rejected me twice. I was really upset and heartbroken because getting in College of Business was one of mygoalswhen I starting studying business in NTID.

When I was starting to realize that it’s not the end of my life and that I must move on with my life, so I decided to go with Multidisciplinary studies program. Then I choose to study concentrations in Business Administration and Public Relations because those particular concentrations will help me to understand the business world better and increase my knowledge about aspects of running a business. I always want to be involved in Business because it is a growing, dynamic field of study, which opens the door to a huge number of potential business careers, as well as enhances my access to careers in other fields. So I strongly believe concentrations in Business Administration and Public Relations will help my chosencareerbecause it keeps my options open, both for further study and for my chosen career.

I once was very uncertain about anycareer goalsI may have had, but now, I am more sure of the direction my life is going. When I was young, I never really knew what I wanted to become. when I got older, I always had
very high aspirations for myself so I want to own any business someday but In order to be a successful businessman, you must have a career first because it can teach me a lot of things about owning an business. Before running or owing a business, I always want to have a career in any corporate company because they provide good pay and great benefits such as continuing learning for advanced degrees, healthinsurance, and paid vacation.

I have a strong interest in working at SHI International Corp (www. shi. com), headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey. It is a global provider of information technology software, hardware and professional services to small and medium businesses, large enterprises, healthcare providers, government organizations and educational institutions. My sister-in-law works at SHI corporate as an account manager. She told me that SHI International Corp has a range of different job positions from accountants to marketers/salespersons and also they provide continuing learning for employees so they can study for advanced degrees.

For instance, SHI pay accountants to study for accountant certification such as CPAs and CMAs only if they work full-time. Also employees can study for any Master’s degree that’s related to their careers. So my most important career goal is growth because there is never a limit for the growth of an individual in a job. In fact, even if a person becomes a CEO of a company, the next level of growth for the individual on a professional level is being an entrepreneur or becoming a proprietor. However, growth does not happen overnight, and being hard-working and committed to a job is one of the most important aspects of growing. Therefore, one should be dedicated and serious about the job.

Only when I achieve consistency in my productivity, I will be able to achieve comprehensive growth on a professional level. As you can see, I want to be very happy and successful as I can be. My goals are high, and I intend to challenge myself. I cannot wait to work in the real world because I want to start to boost my success. As for myphilosophy, I believethat in order to be successful, you have to want to do it, take time to do it well, and be willing to give it your all. Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.

If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. In today’s world, there are a lot of successful people such as lawyers, doctors, and CEOs but many of them are not happy because they are not happy doing what they do or living with no purpose. So I strongly believe that happiness is the most important thing in our lives because it is the only way that our lives can be moved powerfully and progressively.