The odyssey of homer book1 athena inspires the prince

The Odyssey of Homer: Book Summary Athena Inspires the Prince In this book, the plot revolved around Odyssey’s captivity, his son Telemachus’ temporary ascent into power and the temptation of Odyssey’s wife Penelope by suitors. There is also the council of gods at Mount Olympus. At Mount Olympus, Athena the daughter of Zeus takes pity on Odysseus for what he is going through. Apparently, she had cursed Odysseus to wonder without settling. She probably thinks that it is because of that curse that Odysseus has met his current predicament. She pleads with Zeus to design a rescue plan for Odysseus from Calypso who wants her for a husband.
Both Odyssey and his wife struggle to fend off attempted moves on them by suitors and Calypso. The two affirm their love for each other by staying strong. The gods hold Odyssey in high regard except for Poseidon. It comes out that Odyssey is of commendable character. Meanwhile, Athena disguises herself as Mentes, a close friend to Odyssey, and visits Telemachus to counsel her. She is received warmly with deserving hospitality of a visiting guest. She manages to counsel the young prince. She tells him that it could be possible that his father is still alive and that he would return anytime soon. The power struggle is evidenced in the suitors who aspire to marry Penelope, as that would give them legitimate claim to the throne. In short, Book 1 depicts a power struggle, hospitality, character as a virtue and patience. It also shows gods’ interference in the activities of human beings.
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