The most famous tv shows in america

Through the years there have been many television shows but not all of them are favorites and the most watched. There are a lot of types of TV shows but some of the most watched are, Romance, Comedy, and Drama/Suspense TV shows. There are series, seasons, themes, and much more; these are the things that directors combine to make any type of TV show. There can be a lot of shows but the one that are the Most watched TV shows in America are the ones that have these combinations; in making the best TV shows in what ever topic it maybe. The Most Famous TV shows in America are the ones that will make you sit in the corner of your sofa waiting for what will happen next. Romance is a theme that almost everybody loves to watch. It is mostly the female viewer the ones that watch them most than the male viewers . In every house in America a member of the family has at least one favorite TV show about romance it is something that every one love to watch. Some of the most famous romance TV series are; Once Upon a Time, Drop Dead Diva, How I Meet Your Mother, The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl and much more. There are so many shows out there that are amazing and all of them have themes that are alike, I never want to lose you, happily ever after, young love, and much more. There also has to be a little bit of comedy. Comedy is one of my favorites; the ones that families mostly like to watch together are the most famous comedy TV Shows in America. These are Americas Most Funniest Videos, George Lopez, That’s 70’s Show, The Simpsons, and much more. These are the ones that make you laugh when you’re sad or you did not have a good day at work and that you know that when you get home you will go and watch your favorite comedy show. We love them till the end just like the Drama/Suspense TV shows. Drama/ Suspense these TV shows are amazing they are most intriguing with all these interesting things that are going to happen in the suspense or when there’s something very important that is about to happen , it goes on a commercial or the show ends. You get all worked up because you couldn’t see what was going to happen next. The most famous TV Shows about Drama /Suspense are Lost, Pretty Little Liars, Law & Order, White Collar, Suits, The Lying Game and much more. These shows are incredibly awesome and we somehow related to them; because sometime the situations that occur in our lives happening to you are also happening in the series. All these TV shows are categorized by themes, content and appropriate age classification. These are watched by us which means that we are the ones that make the show the most watched. Every year when a new TV show airs live the theme in some cases there is a theme the intrigues us. The producers and the directors create for us to see the most watched TV Show in America. We decide on what we want to watch. That does not mean we choose the same shows all the time. The entertainment world has to bring something new and fresh so that we do not get bored. That means that we don’t have a specific list of the most famous TV Shows in America forever. We may have it by year or seasons but in time this will change. Your favorite TV show is not the same one as your neighbors or your Best Friend some of these shows will stay the most watched for a very long time, shows change year by year because we change we mature year by year and what was funny last year may not be funny now. That’s why the Most Famous Shows in America change.