The micro and macro factors that would affect airasia’s performance

INSTRUCTIONS ON “ HOW TO REFERENCE” Bibliography: Citations must be consistent in author name(s) (spelling and name order) and publication date between the text and the bibliography at the end. Any reference in the text must be matched by a full entry in the end bibliography. Entries in the bibliography must be matched by entries in the text; if nor they should be deleted. Citations must include all information necessary to enable the reader to locate the referenced publication. The examples in the format section below reflect the information considered adequate for each type of publication.

Citations should be in alphabetical order by the first author’s last name (if there is a name); by the first word of the publication or authoring organization if there is no author name. Citations in text: ‘Author’s last name (20**) found that… ‘ ‘Recent studies (Last name 20**; last name, last name, and last name 20**; last name 20**)… Note the following: a semi-colon separates entries, there is no comma before the date, there is a comma before the ‘and’ in multiple author listings. Citations in references: Books: Ward, John W. (1987). Keeping theFamilyBusiness Healthy. San Francisco, Calif. Jossey Bass. Note the following: Author names and publication date are formatted like journal entries. Books are italicized and followed by a period. Publication information includes the publisher’s location with city and state followed by a colon and then the publisher’s full name. Journal Articles: Hoy, Frank, and Trudy G. Verser (1994). ‘Emerging Business, Emerging Field: Entrepreneurship and the Family Firm,’ Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 19 (1), 9-23. Note the following: Initials or first names follow the first author’s name, but precede the last name for subsequent authors.

There is a comma before the ‘and’ between author names, even if there are only 2 authors/ There is a period after the date. Article titles use initial caps (excluding conjunctions and prepositions) and are blocked by double quotation marks. There is a comma between article title and journal title; the comma is inside the quotes. Journal titles are italicized. The column number is not italicized. Neither ‘Vol. ‘ or No. ‘ are used. Thus, Vol. 19, No. 1 = 19 (1). There is no ‘pp. ‘ before the page numbers. Articles in edited publications: Kaslow, Florence W. and S. Kaslow (1992). ‘The Family that Works Together: Special Problems of Family Businesses,’ in Work, Families, and Organizations. Ed. S. Zedeck. San Francisco, Calif. : Jossey Bass, 312-361. Note the following: Author names, publication dates and article title are formatted like journal articles. Use ‘In’ before book title; title is italicized. Precede editor’s name with ‘Ed. ‘ (which means ‘edited by’; thus ‘Eds. ‘ is inappropriate). Put initials before last names. Put a period between the editors’ names and the publisher information.

Include and format publisher information like a book. Include the page numbers (no ‘pp. ‘) n the book where the article is located. Papers presented at conferences or other meetings: Pleck, John (1979). ‘Work-Family Conflict: A National Assessment,’ paper presented at the annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Social Problems, Boston, Mass. , May. Note the following: Author names, publication dates and article title are formatted like journal articles. Include type of meeting, sponsoring organization, location, and date of meeting.

If there are printed proceedings for the conference, cite the entry as an article in an edited publication. Theses and Dissertations: Simic, James (1993). ‘A Comparison of SMEs in Greenland and the Fiji Islands,’ Ph. D. dissertation, University of Fjord, 23-26. Note the following: Author names, publication dates and article title are formatted like journal articles. Type of work (Master’s thesis or Ph. D. dissertation) should be indicated, as well asacademicinstitution. Website documentation: West Virginia Bureau of Business and Economic Research (2001). ‘Economic Outlook Conference. ‘