The inconvenient truths of 2012 article review sample

It is usually said that politics is a dirty game, hence the politicians would be willing to do anything to get what they want and what they feel is right. In the article,” The inconvenient truths of 2012,” by E. J Dionne Jnr., revolves around politics and the people’s nature. Politics involve a lot of certainty as members regard themselves of higher status than others thereby being strong than the others. This perception is taken to the elections and their strength is proven by the citizens through the voted they are able to gunner.
In the United States, the democrats were always at logger heads with the republicans since the democrats overrated their forte in the 2012 polls and on the other hand, the republicans underrated the trouble they were in. As a way of gaining popularity, the republicans had to engage in tainting the public image of president Obama while they associated him with the evils in the country (Dionne). They were not also in agreement with president Obama’s plan, therefore, opposing it with all means. However, it seemed that their perceptions misled them by having faith that most people were against president Obama. It is advisable to handle challenges as they are by first acknowledging them. Was it really that necessary to demonize Obama as a way of wooing people to their side? The politicians should be advised to tell people the truth for them to be reliable. They should also conduct adequate research to find out their probabilities of winning and the number of challenges that need to be addressed.
In most countries, politicians are always interested in getting into power through lies that they hide from the public. On the other hand, the democrats were able to clinch the seats though they thought they would fail. They embraced Obama’s government since most people had been exhausted by the previous regime of George Bush, since he was conservative so was his government (Dionne). Nevertheless, the republicans had to bear in mind that leadership deserved a lot of commitment and clear guidelines to run the country. They also had an advantage of tyranny of numbers. Nonetheless, they had to be ready to face and solve the challenges as they presented themselves to contribute to t economic growth of the country. As a way of improving the country’s economy, and the people’s living standards, Obama had the responsibility of delivering commercial assistances to the less fortunate Americans.
It is, therefore, wise for president Obama to acknowledge that his work entails abilities and elusiveness since his coalition was all inclusive of different races. To be able to remain strong in power, the democrats should encourage the young people and the races that sided with their coalition to exercise their voting rights though educating them on the need to do so. The republicans should also change their views with regard to the immigration rules that they seem to be too much attached to and concentrate on more important and positive issues, and this would help them evade divisions among themselves (Dionne). For economic development, both parties should put their differences aside and adopt policies that will see the economy grow. Conservatism will not help at all and should be moderated for flexibility. Consequently, as an avenue of winning people’s hearts in elections, the politicians should be more concerned with the present government rather than opposing it. When they understand the bitter truth, they could have a high probability of winning.

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