The importance of internships essay sample

The availability of internships is increasing, as is the number of people applying for them. There are many benefits to undertaking an internship, some of which are the opportunity to network and become known by a prospective employer, as well as enhancing skills, experience and self-confidence. Internships are important for career growth as they provide an insight into the world of work, while giving the intern an opportunity to prove themselves as a worthwhile member of the team.
A graduate can have a top class degree, flawless character references, and a likable personality. However, in spite of such qualities, some companies will not employ this student unless he or she has done an internship. Of course, this does not apply to all employers, but it is worth keeping in mind. Furthermore, a student who has completed an internship is likely to be looked upon more favourably than one who hasn’t, by the majority of companies. Therefore, in order for a person’s career to grow, an internship can be of utmost importance.
The hope of getting a lead for employment has boosted both the amount and standard of internship submissions. According to the MSN Careers website, ““ Internships have become key in today’s economy Graduating students with paid or unpaid internships on their résumé have a much better chance at landing a full-time position upon graduation.” The condition of the economy is similarly altering the kind of work offered to interns. Nowadays, companies are looking for interns to contribute where spending cuts mean they cannot employ a person and pay them a wage.
Internships are tremendously beneficial for those who wish to have hands-on, involvement while carrying out their degree obligations. As well as acquiring experience to add to classroom education, internships let students advance their résumés. Interns also have the chance to create useful professional contacts that can be vital in securing the perfect job after graduation.
Aside from securing future employment with a specific company, and being attracting on a on a résumé, internships hold extra advantages. For example, they can provide an opportunity to try out a career before committing to a paid position in it. In this way, an intern can learn the true nature of the industry from an insider’s perspective. Also, internships can be a good way of networking with a range of professionals in the industry, and the intern can also have the opportunity to form a relationship with their mentor; both of these actions could, inadvertently, lead to a paid position. Additionally, an internship is a chance to learn new skills, gain experience, and can sometimes lead to college credit or certification.
Once an internship has been secured, it can be sensible for the student to decide on a few goals that they plan on achieving while working. According to the Talent Zoo website, questions such as, “ how will my internship help me develop career-related experiences?; How do I want to be enriched by my experience?; and Beyond enhancing my résumé with career-related experiences and building contacts for a future job search, what else can I attain?” can help with this goal setting process.
Aside from the academic and professional values of an internship, the time spent working for an employer can raise an intern’s confidence. Being part of a team, and being held accountable, are important ways to build a person’s self-confidence. This can be beneficial in everyday life, as people with self-confidence tend to find many tasks easier than their shy counterparts. Furthermore, a person who has grown in confidence during an internship will take this advantage with them onto their next internship or paid job. Also, working in the industry for a period of time can prepare a student for full time work. They will become used to dressing appropriately, behaving in a manner which fits in with the company, and to stringent time keeping. An internship can help the individual to establish a more professional attitude which will help them for the rest of their working lives.
In many ways, an internship is a job and should be treated as such, both in the searching and applying process, and in the actual work once a placement has been secured. It is essential to be organised, in control, and above all, to behaving in a professional manner at all times. After all, the significance of internships to students regarding networking and obtaining new skills should not be overlooked. An internship could lead to opportunities that a degree alone will not.
Internships are becoming more important for both employees and employers as the years progress. Particularly in the current economic climate, unpaid work placements are growing in popularity. Securing an internship can be hard work, but the benefits are vast, such as having the opportunity to secure paid employment in the future, networking with industry professionals, and leaning, first-hand, the workings of such an industry. These are just a few of the many advantages; over all, internships are important for career growth, and are becoming more so all the time.

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