The ideas of american enlightenment – ageless constitution

The foundational documents of the U. S government are based on the principles of American enlightenment which beliefs in the inalienable natural rights of individuals which influence the content of each essential documents of the constitution. It embeds the enlightenment perspectives of life, liberty and happiness through democratic values of equality and freedom of an individual to pursue happiness as they want. The principles of enlightenment have been major drivers for the declaration of independence. The emancipation of slaves as declared by Lincoln was an important element that significantly proclaimed the democratic framework of the American constitution and values.
The new democratic framework tested the enduring ideas of founders and proved that the experiment of representative government can succeed. The Bill of Rights fulfills the ideas of American enlightenment as well as resolves the differences between the federalists and non-federalists. Through ten amendments, it comprehensively promotes equality and freedom of speech. The various clauses within the constitutional amendments ensure the federal and state rights work towards the wider welfare of the people and safeguard their interests through legal provisions. National interests are taken care of by the federal government which enjoys huge power but the limitations imposed by the constitution ensure responsibility and accountability in their actions thus, satisfying both the federalists and non-federalists. (words: 291)