The hiring process

Subject: Manual for the New Cellular Phone
Here are my comments regarding the pamphlet which will accompany the would-be released cellular phone Star 5670:
1. Description is not user friendly because of the use of many technical terms;
2. Good graphics but very small figures;
3. Very attractive layout;
4. Review page 4 as the step by step process is quite vague;
5. Make definitions more understandable by a common individual by avoiding the use of technical terms; and
6. Check to spell.
In general, the manual is quite ok but needs to be modified according to the above instructions.
3. Process Memo
To: Gil Leonardo
From: Your Name Here
Date: 27 March 2008
Subject: The Research Process
Kindly inform your field-based research analyst about the newly approved research process which should be followed across all industries analyzed.
1. Set an appointment with the commissioner for definition and research briefings specific to the industry covered.
2. Conduct store checks to gain knowledge about the available and withdrawn brands in the market together with price changes.
3. Conduct desk research.
4. Build a contact list and start interviews with industry players and trade associations.
5. Analyze data gathered in the calculation file provided.
6. Write a report according to the in-house format.
I am willing to answer any queries that you may have.