The highest quality of under armour

The Highest Quality of Under Armour
Under Armour Inc. is an international sports clothing and Accessories Company. It is the leading supplier of sportswear, footwear, and casual clothing. The core business of the company is revolutionizing the athlete world and making it comfortable for everyone to enjoy the experience.
The Under Armour is positioned as the highest quality and best available. Most commercials indicate that Under Armour is of high quality and thus high prices, something that provides proof means that function can pinpoint its performance results (Hitt et. Al. pp. 35). Even though, it is not well established as compared to the established competitors like Nike, Puma, and Adidas, Under Armour is gaining lead in the industry. The function is in terms of the products abilities to conform to situations and perform as per the expectations. Since the company concentrates on the American domestic market, the information necessary to pinpoint performance is timely. Domestic sales are an indicator that Under Armour has a small sales volume. Apart from using the function system to pinpoint performance results, the company can use the area and unit system to pinpoint performance results.
Benchmarking is essential to any organization (Baiman and Joel pp. 201). While aware of the existing competitors who include Nike, Reebok, Puma, and Adidas among others, the Under Armour, through benchmarking has managed to evaluate its performance. An issue of concern is its high dependence on few third-party suppliers. The competitors rely on a variety of third party providers thus easy to counter pricing and ensure efficient product distribution all over the market segments. Under Armour suffers massive losses because of relying on few suppliers who end up demanding high prices. Should the demand for suppliers’ products exceed what the company supplies, it can end up affecting its operations due to reduced access to supplies and raw materials.
A key measure and standard that Under Amour upholds is obeying laws and regulations. It is an important element in its code of ethics. Launching of a new product in market demands Under Armour to observe standards of identifiability, accessibility, substantiality, and measurability. It is an indicator to show the company’s ability to assess response patterns and incorporate marketing mix in its standards. Trough this information, Under Armour can segment its market and strive to attain a competitive advantage. The strategy is in line with its recommended strategic plan, which has a passionate tagline, “ I will.” It is an indicator of a higher purpose at its core.
Strategy execution is evident in its’ XtremeWear product specially designed to incorporate “ dry technology,” which extracts sweat from the athlete’s body thus keeping them cool. The same has been extended to be used in business suits to make people comfortable at work.
In 2012, Under Armour was featured in Baltimore Magazine as the best place to work. It is because it values employees and rewards success. Apart from allowances, the company trains, offers certifications and offers support to the immediate families of employees. The reward system is efficient and fully recognizes employee efforts. For instance, in 2014, Bundchen Gisele, an employee who invented the “ I Will What I want,” a campaign aimed at manufacturing women apparels got the Marketer’s Award of the Year.
Under Armour has helped athletes in achieving their goals in sports. The company has mastered the concept of being the best in the competitive industry. As evident in its strategic plan, the company has the will to incorporate consumer desire for products, which in return are high-quality end products. With its significant concentration in America, the company is already a threat to established competitors like Nike and Addidas. This is because of its commitment to delivery before thinking about profits.
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