The first crusade essay samples

The first crusade, which took place between 1096 and 1099, was an attempt to recapture the Holy Land (Jerusalem), which had been captured by the Muslims in 1076. The First Crusade had significant part in Medieval England. After the capture by the Muslims, the Christians faced a hard time paying pilgrimage to the city. The City of Jerusalem held great significance to the Christian community. The Church of the Holy Sepulcher commemorated the tomb of Christ’s burial and the hill of crucifixion. The Muslim soldiers made life very difficult for the Christians. The First Crusade was the successful attempt by the Pope to recover the Holy Lands from the Muslim conquerors. To the East, Alexius I of Constantinople requested the pope to offer him help to fight the Muslims who were gradually intruding into his territory. The Pope’s promise was that God would forgive the sins of any person who fought or died in the Crusade.
Several volunteer marched within months to the Holy Lands, a journey that was very difficult as the Muslim troops controlled all the Eastern ports of the Mediterranean Sea. In the snow of the mountains and the heat of the plains, the armies ran short of food and pillaged villages to acquire resources. Eventually, about 10, 000 men under many armies were stationed in Constantinople after several months until 1097. The Crusaders first targeted Fortress of Nicea, which quickly fell to them as its leader was away fighting. This allowed the armies to send reinforcements and resources from Europe. Antioch was the next target. It proved very difficult to conquer due to its abundance in lines and supplies of defense. After about seven months. Antioch fell to the continuing supplies of the Crusaders, which opened the way to Jerusalem. The siege of Jerusalem began in the summer of 1099. This was very difficult as Jerusalem was surrounded by high walls and several defenders. The area around the city was also very dry leading to the deaths of several Crusaders. Peter Desiderius, a priest raised the crusaders’ hopes with his vision of the fall of Jerusalem within nine days of matching around the city. The Genoese breached the wall within a week and the other Crusaders followed.
The effects of the First crusade were very many including the influence of the power and wealth of the Catholic Church, influence in commerce, political matters, intellectual development, feudalism, material, and social effects. It is also responsible for the early progresses of civilization and prompted the famous several discoveries. After capturing the Holy Lands, the Christians successfully set up the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem.