The east of eden: ‘timshel’

Our choices come from out own opinions, but our opinons come from our parents, guardians and other people in society or just straight from within ourselves. When we area young are parents, guardains tell us and teach us what is wright and wrong. So when it is time for us to make a choice we remember what are parents had told us, and feel we must think the same as them so are choice refects upons them. But as we became older we choose what are own opinions will be, sometimes they are the same as out parents had told us, and have our own entirley differnent opinions and choices. Our opinions come from society or something we believe inside ourselves that never came out until then. Cal, felt since his mother was bad he must be bad. But Cal was not bad he ws good he jsut didnt know it. Abra had to bring out the good in Cal, and made him realize he didnt have to be like Cathy. In my family me and my parents have diffrent opinions on everything we don’t agree much Our choices show what we really think and believe in. Choices are given to us everyday they may be big or small, but everyone always seems to take the easy road out, to not challenge themselves. With every choice that is madesomething hapens, or soemthing is need to be done. If a choice is made people seem to choose the easy was they dont want to work, or challenge themselves. People are :::: lazy:::, if they can do one easy thing to gain alot they will do it. But if they have to work to gain alot more, they will settle for less. If you are a lazy person you will take the easy way, but if you aren’t you will try and challenge yourself you will go the extra mile. Cathy choosed to seduce, and multipualte men she used them for money, Cathy took the esy road. But Samuel, he worked even though he had the dryest, worst land in the valley, despite that he still took it and used what he could of his land. In my personal experience when it comes to working on soemthing i do the minimual amount that is required, but if it is something important i will work hard to and go beyond and challeng myself. Choices are very hard, because you area ble to pick what you want and soemtimes you don’t pick what you really want, you’ll pick the safest wasy to stay ffrom challenging yourself. When a choice is made its what you truly want, and you will stand for it. With ‘Thou Mayest’ it gives you a choice to choose what you a choice to what you desire. Choice gives you a oportunity to let out you opinons and say what you want. But when you desire soemthing with your choice you will, ‘fight it through and win.’ Also through ‘Thou Mayest’ it guides you in life through out your choices to help you fight with them and make every choice u make seem like the ‘great choice’ this would also mean it’s the right choice so no matter what you chose you will be guided to wim, through you choices. I still believe that theri can be bad choices, but as time goes on they are fixed with the good choices ahead. When your choice is made it can be good or bad but when you fight for you choice it keeps you going on you path in life. With ” Thou mayest” chices are given to us much easier we are able to choce what we really want. Choices are made up of are opinons and thoughts. Every choice has a significance whether its big or small. The easy choice is usally the one choosen, but people chould take the path less followed. When a choice is made you will fight for it to win, through it. TIMSBEL gives us are opionons and free choice to choose what we desire.