The desire to be own boss

Resume /Interview I was born in the south of Bulgaria, in a small called Smoljan. I am the youngest child in a nuclear family. My education life started in this city, and continued up to the high school level. After high school, I enrolled into Technical University of Gabrovo, taking computer science program. The program introduced me to programming languages such as c++, PhP, and Java. Education has improved my personal competitiveness in terms of academic achievements and success.
I applied to the Master Degree in order to advance my academic knowledge and career competitiveness. I am a very passionate person when it comes to learning new things. This follows the notion that new things come with challenges, and challenges result in opportunities. Personally, education is an endless process. In other words, completing my degree and achieving professional certifications is just but the beginning of my quest of knowledge. Learning is an on-going process that is neither limited to the formal institutions nor printed certifications and awards.
The drive to start a business is the desire to be my own boss. I believe I am passionate and talented enough to practically exercise my knowledge and skills in a personal business. My core concern is to meet community needs and demands that fall within my business line. My motivation is the desire to serve the broader society through my creativity and innovativeness. Financial success also counts in as a motivational factor, alongside gaining respect and being appreciated for who I am and what I do.
I am a well-rounded individual in terms of honesty, quality, humility and compassion. I want to stand out as a role model for my family and community. Just like the broader society, my family is important to me. I want to provide a nice home and a loving atmosphere for my family. I emphasize on the importance of education to my family since my personal success is highly attributed to education. I have gained values that I would like to see my children and relatives possess. On the same note, I want to see my family enjoy a strong financial portfolio.