The damned human race by mark twain- summary

In The Damned Human Race, Mark Twain compares the behavior of different animals to human beings to prove in contrary to the Darwinian Theory. Humans actually descended from higher beings. His essay proves a lot of good points. Humans are selfish and wasteful, while animals take only what they need to survive, humans are the only beings in nature that hold grudges and take revenge and that humans are the only beings with morals. I agree and disagree with Mark Twain’s essay. He did live in a different time but cruelty still exists the same. If you analyze the human race or all animals, you can find evil in both creatures. Humans and animals cannot be compared properly. Animals do some awful things to each other as well as human. Mark Twain just lists human’s bad traits. There are a lot of positive traits of humans; he goes into detail of only the negative traits of humans. If there are bad people, there can also be good people. It’s true today, and was also true in the time Mark Twain lived in. In the 1860s, around the time when Mark Twain lived, there was an American Civil War and this is probably why he was so ashamed of human beings. There is something he missed about humans. We have to look outside of all the bad and evil and recognize people who are becoming vegetarians to save an animal, going green to save the planet or people who become doctors to treat sick people. If we didn’t have moral sense, how would we be capable of doing these things? Mark Twain is pointing out too many of the flaws that the human race has, and not enough of the qualities that we possess.