The culture of a local high school compare to that of a large university essay sample

Local high school and large university, those are completely two different institutions. No one can study at a university until he/she pass the high school. Since high school and university are two different institutions, they must have different cultures.

First of all, the cultural differences of a local high school and a large university is their structure. Classes at a large university are often very large, with 100 or more students. The classes at a local high school are small, with only about 20 to 35 students.

A second cultural differences is faculty. There are more faculties or teachers at a large university than a local high school are. At local high school, they have few faculties or teachers. High school teachers usually can teach almost all kind of subjects. At large university, they have so many professional faculties. These faculties teach their specific subject and they have to be very expert on it. Large university teachers are friendlier than local high school teachers are.

Large university has a wide range of courses, but high school doesn’t have that many courses. University students can choose their courses from a wide range of course list. Most of the time, courses are fixed for high school students. On the other hand, university students have to take more courses in one semester than high school students do in the same time.

To get a higher grade at a local school are easier compared to a large university. Grades are given for most assigned work at local high school. Grades are given not only for assigned work, but also some projects and presentations at a large university. There are so many opportunities for high school students to upgrade their grades. However, University students need to work very hard to upgrade their grades.