The civic hybrid

In the business industry there are a lot of products available. In order to evaluate the best purchasing alternatives is a good practice to comparesimilar items from different manufacturers. The products that I’m going to compare are automobiles that are fuel efficient. These types of automobiles are categorized by the media as green vehicles. The three car models analyzed are the Honda Civic hybrid, the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf. The Honda Civic hybrid is a vehicle that combines gas and electric technology. The Civic hybrid has a starting price of $24, 050 (Honda). The car gives a mpg rating of 44 miles per gallon. The car is power by a 1. 5 liter V-tech engine that incorporates an electric motor for friction reducing and airflow improvements. The car has 110 horsepower. The second car featured is the Chevy Volt. The Volt is hybrid vehicle that combines electric and gasoline technology. The car is very unique because it has different modes that allow for different performance and fuel efficiency. The maximum fuel efficiency of the Volt is 230 miles per gallon. The price of the Volt is $32, 780 (Chevrolet). The automobile is power by an electric drive unit with 150 horsepower with an 80 horsepower 1. 4 liter combustion engine. The third auto featured is the Nissan Leaf. The Leaf is priced at $25, 280 (Nissanusa). The car is powered by an all electric motor 80 kw A/C synchronous motor with a 24 kwh lithium-ion battery. The range of one full battery is 100 miles per trip. The Civic hybrid is the cheapest of the three alternatives. The car has the worst mpg among the three vehicles. The Nissan Leaf is a fully electric automobile that eliminates the need for gasoline. The car is priced about $1200 above the Civic hybrid. A disadvantage of the Leaf is its limited trip range of 100 miles. The Chevy Volt is the most expensive of the three vehicles. The car is most luxurious of the three autos. The 230 maximum mpg rating of the car is very attractive. Work Cited Page Chevrolet. com. 2011. “ 2011 Volt” 21 April 2011. Honda. com. 2011. “ 2012 Civic hybrid.” 21 April 2011. Nissanusa. com. 2011. “ Nissan Leaf” 21 April 2011.