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The company I have chosen is ‘J Sainsbury PLC’. J Sainsbury is a leading UK and USfoodretailer with interests in financial services and property. The group comprises Sainsbury’s supermarket and Sainsbury’s bank in UK and Shaw’s supermarkets in US Background of J Sainsbury Sainsbury sells quality food for their customers. They have invested in a range of products during the year. They have also improved and developed over 3, 200 products. Sainsbury also have there own label brands that are best in the UK. Currently Sainsbury’s is working to develop offers not only on food but in clothing too.

Sainsbury’s provides clothing’s from Adam’s children’s wear, Jeff & Co and trial of home enhancements. Sainsbury’s are also working on developing theirhealthand beauty department. They have also been in a trial with Boots health and beauty and pharmacy shops in six out of town stores. Now they are extending by further three stores. Sainsbury’s first store was opened in Drury Lane, London in 1869 by John James and Mary Ann Sainsbury. The business was built on offering customers the highest quality at the keenest price. In 1869 Sainsbury’s ranged 5 products and employed just 2 people.

Sainsbury’s now have over 450 stores across the UK, the larger of which range over 23, 000 products. Sainsbury’s employ in the region of 142, 000 people. Their goal is to be the UK’s first choice for food shopping. To achieve this, they need to provide their customers with outstanding quality, great service and value formoney. The Service Promises of making the customer’s shopping experience easy, enjoyable and inspiring is central to their success. If the customers join them, they will provide them with ample training to help them deliver on their promise. Sainsbury’s is a PLC.

Sainsbury is basically located around the world, especially in the United States and United Kingdom. Sainsbury is a Public Limited Company (PLC), which means that an organization, which is owned and operated by the national or local government. PLCs are vary considerably in size from relatively small localized firms such as the world famous Caithness Glass Company based at Wick in Scotland, to very large national companies like Boots, British Telecom and Dixon’s, to international concerns like Shell, ICI, Ford and Unilever. These one sometimes owned by national government and others by local government.