The benefits of fitness in the workplace

Tit care costs over the past decade; from 2002 to 2008, the return was $2. 71 for every dollar sped NT. A corporate wellness program is an employer-sponsored program designed to support employees as they adopt and sustain behaviors that reducehealthrisks, improve quality of life, and enhance personal effectiveness. A key component of the wellness program is sponsoring a fitness center in or near the workplace. Studies show that a regular regime of exercise for the employee will lower health care costs, absenteeism, and workplacestress.

Productivity increases as the worker can operate more efficiently. Happy and healthy employees are more focused, dedicated, and productive while at work. While providing employees with nutritioneducation, employer s can take a preventative approach to the health of their staff. This preventative practice o f health care benefits the employer as well as the employee by preventing chronic diseases through proper diet and exercise. This increases the employee’s physical and mental health, make Eng a more productive employee. The more productive the employee, the more successful lull the business.

In Duran 2 order for this approach to succeed, businesses would require employees to p eradicate in at least one form of exercise provided by the company. The company would need to establish a fitness center ideal for increasing heart rates and challenging muscles. The difficulty of staying healthy in today’s society has become overwhelming t o the fulfillment worker. Many jobs require long periods of sitting or standing, thereby creating weak and strained muscles. Work takes up a majority of the day, preventing people from squeezing in a full work Out.

Having a fitness center at or near the workplace allows employ yes to conveniently improve their mental and physical health without the stress of a overloaded schedule. A company’s wellness center should support a wide range of exercise sees for a diverse group of employees with different fitnessgoals. Cardiovascular exercise is pr oven to improve the condition of the heart, while lifting weights builds muscles to support a strong err body and promotes joint function. Rotating exercises each day, business could organize runs, walks, and bike rides during work hours for their staff.

Yoga classes offered before work help stretch and awaken the employees, giving them better focus and concentration. To count err the midday slump any jobholders experience after a hard morning at work, employers could r fresh their employees with an afternoon session of strength training to work the muscles that have been cramped from sitting or standing for long periods of time. An hour break woo old be enough time to improve the productivity of an employee if utilized correctly. An effective BRB cake from work would include a cardiovascular exercise with moderate resistance to challenge e and increase the heart rate.

Another benefit of corporate wellness is a stronger relationship between cow errors. The time spent in the gym and outside running or biking with employees allows the m to bond, Duran 3 creating trust and understanding. The more an employee can trust and relate to his or her coworker, the better they can work together. Living a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise is a desirable benefit offered b company. Joanne McFadden, an American City Business Journal writer, stated, (1 benefits of exercise are welkin and irrefutable, and an onsite fitness center is an at attractive benefit for employees. The health of the American workforce has been declining, reducing productive TTY and company earnings. An unhealthy employee costs more to cover than a health y employee. However, the need for health care is greater than ever. (2) More than 133 mill ion Americans, have at least one chronic condition. Providing healthcare to more than 1 33 mi Lion American requires a large amount ofmoney. ( 3)According to the Centers for Disease C intro (CDC), chronic disease requires 75% of the health care spending budget. 5)Premium s for multiprocessors health insurance have risen from $5, 791 in 1999 to $13, 3 75 in 2009 (a 131 % increase), with the amount paid by workers rising by 128%. Employers c loud have a significant impact on the health care system just by improving the health of the IR employees. (4)Obesityis one of the root causes of chronic disease, accounting for nearly 1 0% of the amount that the U. S. Spends annually on healthcare. Obesity is preventable as well as reversible. Living a healthy lifestyle includes working in anenvironmentthat encourages physical wellness.

Reducing stress and increasing productivity encourage healthier weight man segment. The benefits are not only for the employee but also for the employer. The financial I benefits a company receives from a healthy employee include reduced cost in health car e spending. The employee will cost less to cover if the worker is maintaining or improving his or her overall Duran 4 condition. (6)A recent study shows that if individuals adhere to healthy lifestyle e practices such as maintaining a healthy weight, eating well, exercising regularly, and avoiding to sins, chronic disease could be reduced by as much as 80%.

The price of an unhealthy ample eye takes a toll on the financial success of a company as well as the overall health care system. Businesses are beginning to provide employees with tools they need to cache eve a healthier lifestyle. (7) ” Two years ago, Trust Company of Illinois started a well as program. The company’s thirty employees underwent biometric screening-? tests of r blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol. Workplace wellness helps curb health care costs, term 01 levels and other important measures. ‘It was really an eye-opening exercise,’ says Debbie Greg rash, SCOFF at the Downers Aggravated company. It turned on the lightly for people. ‘ ” The company went a step further last year. Workplace wellness consultant C thy Leman, who runs Glen Lambasted Nutrient Inc. , was hired to conduct a seminal r on walking. Workers got pedometers for a walking contest. Other wellness events were added this year, including seminars and healthy c joking demonstrations, and more sessions are scheduled for 2013. ‘We are still in the e infancy stages of our program,’ notes Ms. Gregorian, who can’t quantify the savings yet. ” ” Overall, the cost benefits of worker wellness are becoming apparent.

A 201 0 study in the journal Health Affairs showed that every dollar spent on wellness program ms reduced corporate medical costs by $3. 27 and cut absenteeism costs by $2. 73. An Jug just survey by the National Business Group on Health found that 61 % of firms found wellness in titivates to be one f the three most effective tools to keep down healthcare costs. A 201 0 study in the American Duran 5 Journal of Health Promotion showed that workers highly engaged in a wellness s program have fewer hospital admissions, shorter hospital stays and lower overall costs. The negative aspect of providing an in office wellness center is the budget. The e cost of a wellness center in an office will vary depending on the equipment; however, c costly machines are not necessarily the most effective method of working out. Free weights are an inexpensive way to perform a variety of exercises in any environment. Jumping rope and ruin Eng the stairs are common and effective cardiovascular exercises. The amount of body weight e exercises that can be done in a variety Of places is more than enough to fill an hour long workout t.

Providing an affordable fitness center for the employees is achievable by using the surround ding space, going outside, and including free weights as well as using body)weight to work out. Many employees seeking weight loss as a wellness goal will have more of an I incentive to go to work if exercising is included in the workplace. By creating a more desire able work space, equines see a decrease in absences and late arrivals. Providing employees WI themotivationto go to work increases attendance and performance.

Educating unhealthy employ sees and giving them the opportunities to improve their physical condition in the workplace is a des arable benefit that all businesses should offer. By providing employees with a wellness center, the employer will create a MO re efficient worker. The stressful tasks of a workday can be approached with more energy y and productivity through a healthy diet and exercise routine provided by the company. The me player benefits ancillary, while the employee benefits both mentally and physically from exe rising in the workplace.