The atekpc project management office essay sample

1. Ateck’s PMO was created to standardize the management of projects that created as an impact of the changes in environment that comes in many scales. Another purpose of PMO is to improve the planning productivity and Ateck’s initiatives performance. In 2007, PMO was built to supporting the office establishment and present the value of the company. PMO also need to found the benefits from the projects which are: cost reduction, and improvisation in new products management. In progress, PMO also provide consulting and monitoring in functional areas and personnel in order to establish, publish, and disseminate projects standards and tools. PMO also will be implemented from the lowest level in company until the top level.

2. In progress to implement PMO, IT management have several barriers such as the refusal from the old organizational culture that not ready for new changes, the people in some level not enthused with the PMO change makes the limitation of the implementation speed that affects effectiveness of the main function of PMO. As discuss in the article, now PMO still struggling with their implementation by fight with the cultural barrier in some situations, on the other hand, PMO’s implementation also conform the culture. It depends on the situations. Their strategy to implement PMO is by do it slowly to everyh project from small to big and encourage the culture by shows them the good result whenever a project solve or be done using PMO.

3. The only one thing that PMO need to do is to keep their performance in good position, because the governance just need to be persuade with the result of the PMO. Governance not only need the value, but also the process of the PMO procedure. How effective is the PMO compare to the older methods since their major issue is to facing the cultural barrier that against the changing in process because several reasons. The governance perspective also will change by time when they start to look at their business environment. As said, they were dealing with huge competitor intheir industry. This situation encourage them to consider the changing their information system to stabilize their competitive advantages in the industry pressures. Back again, AtekPC need to be more dynamic in changes since they decide to follow the industry competition environment. They already try to adapt with their challenge by creating light and heavy PMO to adjust with the culture differential and market challenge that they face.