The abcs of analytics article review sample

A Reflection

Arguably, marketing has taken another perspective due to the presence of internet, advancement of technology, and social media. The author’s primary message to the authors concerns the response that organization and those responsible in analyzing the changes in the marketplace should take. The information found on the internet should be interpreted and analyzed critically before implementing it in an organization. It is always crucial to assert that the consumer is always a rational individual, and organizations should know that the consumer has access to the information they are facing.
Certainly, the author intends to pass this primary message to various audiences within the organization and in the marketplace. These audiences include the executives, internet-based analysts, marketers, as well as organizations’ management. It is clear that the message is intended to reach this audience due to the changing trends in the markets. In order to achieve competitive advantage, and comprehend on the big data available today, this audience has to understand the various aspects that come with technology and the impacts it has in the organization.
In order to convince the audience in question, the author has come up with evidence to support the main message. The authors begin by asserting that the big data is tremendously generated by the social media and the internet, which in one way or another are drawn the attention of the business press, imaginations of companies, as well as academics. Evidence, from the author of the main message is that the big data seem to be the next game changer in the market, meaning the marketers must be aware of the big data. As a matter of fact, other marketers will benefit from the availability of this big data due to the way each one responds. In order to achieve competitive advantage, the marketers must be critical analysts; this will help them to ask the required questions that will lead to maximization of big data. Evidently, the author claims that the analysts and marketers must implement a theory that will help in understanding consumer behavior. Studies from marketing science show that everyone is quick to love the new data, but smart companies fast analyze the markets and consumers in an holistic approach. According to the author, the audience in this case should learn how to walk by harmonizing, mining and acquiring new data.
In the article the author has brought out the message to the client in a very practical manner. In fact, the author uses examples to ensure that the audience understands the information well, especially of the big data. The author uses Kodak to bring out the cost of responding and making the wrong decision. The message to the reader is of great value. Putting in mind that technology and globalization have more influence on consumers today, it is important for the marketers and other responsible stakeholders to understand what awaits them in the market place. In general perspective, the marketers and the analyst should ensure that they understand the consumer and market behavior before making decisions.
Certainly, there should be no worry on the impacts of Big Data will distract the managers from being customer-centric. This is because the big data is very useful when the right hands handle it. Moreover, managers in the firms should not worry about the big data, since the big data helps in strengthening the relationship between the firm and the customer. The only thing required for managers are to focus to being data-centric and at the same time maintain be customer-centric.