Texas essay examples

Texas State is unique because of its political culture. The unique political culture dates back to the Texas Revolution, Reconstruction and frontiersman life. The state has a characteristic of electing independent leaders. The trend of not leaning towards any of America’s major political parties has had several effects on the relationship of the state government and the federal government. The effects have become visible in the recent past with the increasing friction between the federal government and the Texan political culture. The disdain towards the American Federal government by Texan political individuals has affected the state negatively.
The political culture of the state of Texas is headed in the wrong direction because of several reasons. In a federal government, there must be cooperation between the state and federal government. This is to ensure that the distribution of national resources to the state is done in a fair and just manner. In the case of Texas, the disdain of Texan leaders towards the federal government means the leaders cannot seek help from the federal government. State leaders must develop a good relationship with the federal government so that they can bargain for national resources. Therefore, the disdain towards the federal government has a negative impact on the people of Texas and their political culture.
The Texan political culture is also headed in the wrong direction because the relationship of the state leaders with other national leaders is poor. Even though the state has elected independent leaders in the past, there should be no disdain between them and national leaders because of partisan differences. The poor relationship with the federal government means that Texan politicians have little chance of seeking national posts.
Therefore, the feeling is that Texan political culture is not headed in the wrong direction. The political culture may hurt the economy of the state in the long run. The culture may also hinder Texan politicians from progressing to become national leaders. The Texan political culture is unique and it should be nurtured. However, the culture should not lead to suspicion and disdain with the federal government as it has been the case recently.

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