Teenagers perception of birth control and abortion

Research Report Executive Summary (Summary or Abstract) The aim of this report was to investigate woman teenager about “ Teenagers perception of birth control andabortion”. So, this is the big problem in Thailand because abortions are illegal in Thailand, remain common and an important publichealthissue for women in Thailand. Which results from sex without protected. So that’s the big problem of women, and the purpose of this research is how teenage women think and awareness of birth control and abortion.

We are finding who have been a sex, then what did you do if you pregnant while you studying. How do you do and how you solve this problem. Introduction The dictionary defines birth control as ” a regimen of one or more actions, devices, or medications followed in order to deliberately prevent or reduce the likelihood of a woman becoming pregnant. ” Birth control has become imperative in today’s world, due to the global rise in population, need forfamilyplanning and also to safeguard oneself from unwanted pregnancy.

There are various methods of birth control that one can adopt, including the withdrawal method, or coitus interruptus; barrier methods like condom, diaphragm, cervical cap or contraceptive sponge; chemical methods like contraceptive pills, contraceptive patch, or the progesterone-only pill (POP); intrauterine methods; fertility awareness methods and more. Other than the preventive methods, one can also adopt abortion methods like surgical abortions, chemical abortions and herbal abortifacients to end unwanted pregnancies.

Some permanent birth control solutions are surgical sterilization, which includes tubal ligation for women and vasectomy for men. According to records of the Department of Health, each year 10, 000 students under the age of 15 have become pregnant in Thailand. An age-old issue of students premature pregnancy and their legal right to compulsoryeducationattracts much controversy, primarily if it’s related to earlyteen pregnancy. By and large teenage girls don’t intend to get pregnant. They just lack life’s experience.

By denying them education, it isn’t just punishing them, which is wrong anyways, but a punishment for their children and families alike. They have already been punished by having to look after a child at such young age, but to cut short their educational opportunity… One can argue that the current policy of expelling pregnant teenage students is against the law, as Thailand is signatory to the convention on the rights of the child. Still, a Students Pregnancy Bill proposed by the Thai government draws a hot debate.

A draft bill intends to give pregnant students the legal right to take maternal leave and continue their studies after giving birth. Literature Review These changes have been accompanied and underpinned by urbanisation, westernisation, moderation of cultural and religious norms, and the expansion of Thailand’s infamous sex industry. A substantial (and largely undeveloped) rural economy remains (details of sources available from authors on request). Sexual health is an increasingly important public health issue. nd In a recent cross-sectional survey, 43% of Thai girls aged 17 years or younger reported having sexual intercourse; one in five of these reported this experience as coercive, and one in four became pregnant. 5 Other studies in Thailand have documented increasingly early sexual debut, low rates of contraceptive use by adolescents, a growing burden of HIV and other sexual transmitted diseases in young people, rising rates ofteenage pregnancyand illegal abortion, and the exchange of sex formoneyor gifts. and These trends are similar to those in other countries in transition and worldwide.

Even if you use some other methods of birth control, condom is the king. Condoms not only prevent pregnancy, they are the only solution that protects against sexually transmitted diseases. Just in case of new romantic sexual encounters – you meet that ” perfect” person, and… get caught in the heat of the moment. Condoms also protect you (and potentially your partner) from urinary and vaginal infections. Although, condoms are commonly available almost everywhere, keep in mind that selection and quality may be limited.

Abortions, According to the Thai law (in effect since 1956), abortions are illegal in Thailand, except for the girls under the age of 15 or with a serious illness, and when the pregnancy threatens the woman’s health or results from rape or incest. Yet de facto, the abortion law is rarely enforced, and illegal abortions remain common and an important public health issue for women in Thailand. There is evidence of wide public support led by women’s groups, medical and legal professionals for the reform of abortion laws to widen the circumstances under which an abortion is legal.

Abortion Policy and Practices in Thailand, Some medical professionals more or less discretely advertise for abortion business, but many abortionists are untrained, which commonly leads to the dreadful consequences. So, abortion in Thailand is de jure legal only when it is considered necessary to protect a woman’s health or in case of rape. Under the recently revised (but yet published) abortion regulations issued by the Medical Council of Thailand, the term ” health” includes mental, emotional and physiological considerations as well as physical conditions.

The determination that a woman qualifies for a legal abortion under that criteria can only be made by a medicaldoctorlicensed in Thailand. This determination (and, if positive, the abortion procedure) can be done at any hospital, private or government. Though, private hospitals with religious affiliations may chose not provide that service. In early pregnancy, it can also be done at one of the many low cost clinics operated by the Thai NGO Population ; Community Development Association (PDA). For cost estimates, contact the hospital or clinic of your choice.

Just remember that they will not tell you if they will be able to perform the procedure until the woman has met with a doctor. Research Methodology In this study, we will research about perception of birth control and abortion for teenagers. We are going to find the sources by giving questionnaire andinterview. The survey’s target group is a woman teenager. In this survey, we will ask 50 women in Bangkok University and also 50 teenage women in Bangkok. So the total number of participant is 100 women. This number is large enough to say that the information is accurate.

So we will collect the data from 100 women to get a result how teenage women in Thailand think and awareness of birth control pill and abortion. Results/Findings There were 50 women in Bangkok University an also 50 teenage women in Bangkok. So, ask them about how teenage women think and awareness of birth control and abortion. A breakdown of the responses is qualitative question, so we’ll ask them like a questionnaires form. Have you received any sex education or learned about sex before you actually have sex? Where did you learn it from? Do you think sex education is important?

A lots of people told that, sex education is necessary for teenage for save health and avoid social accident, it’s very much importance to give sex education to young people. Population can be control by sex education there should be hold public awareness about sex education. Youths should be given the sex and contraceptive knowledge for their future. How much do you know about ‘ Birth Control’? One of the toughest decisions that a lot of teens are whether to have sex if people decide to have sex, it means they must also takeresponsibilityto protect themselves from unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

The most effective way to prevent pregnancy is abstinence. Couples who do decide to have sex can choose from many effective birth control methods. Do you use any birth control methods? What are they? Please explain. Average of women use any birth control methods including condom and birth control pills make them safe sex, such as the use of male or female condoms, can also help prevent transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. Do you think birth control is important? Why? The best choice that you can make for yourself is not to have sex until you are ready.

Even if you have had sex in the past, you can still choose not to have sex until you are ready. You have a right to choose for yourself if you are being pressured or forced to have sex, it is importance that you talk an adult you trust about what is going on. What will you do if you accidentally get pregnant? Each individual will have different feelings, thoughts, be in a different point in life, etc. There simply is no correct answer for everyone. It depends on personally abortions, don’t have the income to support a child, and feel it’s unfair to bring a child into the world if it won’t have a good living.

What do you think about an abortion? Some think that abortion is WRONG! But some women think that abortion should be a decision that a mother should make for herself. We believe that being pro-choice is a good thing. We wouldn’t want anyone telling me what to do with my baby and we don’t think women should be forced to feel that abortion is murder. A right to choose is a very important right. Do you consider an abortion as one of the options when you get unwanted pregnancy? Why? Women face unplanned pregnancies every year. If you are deciding what to do about an unplanned pregnancy, you have a lot to think about.

Where you’re thinking about having an abortion, you’re helping a women decide if abortion is right for her, or you’re just curious about abortion, you have many hear woman ask when considering abortion. What do you think is the best solution after getting unwanted pregnancy? Don’t have sex is the best way, condoms is second. If the guy doesn’t want to wear one then he is not a great choice to have sex with? You’re too young to get your tubes tied don’t do it yet. May best advice to you is really not to have sex get yourself together first. I know firsthand on this.

Ask yourself before you have sex if I get pregnant by this guy what type of dad would he be, and will be able to deal with him for the rest of my life. Discussion According to the data that we have corrected, many women have different thoughts among the birth control and abortion. Some of them have same opinions but some are different. Therefore, most of the women that we had questionnaire thinks that sex education is important for all the teenage in Thailand today. By giving them knowledge about sexual education, they can prevent from unwanted pregnancy and transmitted disease causes by sexual relationship.

Also we can decrease abortion rate in Thailand. A lot of woman seems like they have aware that they should use birth control method when they have relationship with their partner. They said they must have responsibility and need to talk with partner about it before. Most of them are disagreed with unplanned pregnancy. Because some people are do not have enough income to raise their baby after giving a birth. They cannot take care of their baby and they might experience a hard time with a child and they will not able to make them happy. So some women think that abortion is the one of the decision that women can chose for their life.

If they don’t think that they can raise their baby and make them happy, abortion can be one of a good decision. Of course, some of them are think that abortion is wrong and we shouldn’t do it, because of religious reason or thought that it is refer as killing people. At last, the best solution for prevent unwanted pregnancy problem is not to have a sex, condom is a second. It is true that if you don’t have a sex you won’t get pregnant. Some of them said that you shouldn’t have a relationship with a partner that not willing to support unwanted pregnancy.

If your partner refused to use birth control methods then you should reconsider about your partner. This problem is not about only yourself, it’s about you and your partner. Don’t forget that you can chose your partner and try to seek for a good one before have relationship. Conclusion The knowledge of sexual education should be gain in Thailand. Teenage in Thailand seems to know about birth control and they know that they should use them when they have sexual relationship, but they don’t really aware of unwanted pregnancy or abortion.

So to gain the knowledge about abortion, the school needs to put more effort for sexual education in their class and give more knowledge that what will happen if you don’t use birth control protection and when woman get pregnancy and effect for woman by abortion. To avoid the unwanted pregnancy, we should let teenage know the importance of birth control methods and persuade them to use if they think they are still too young to have a baby or not ready to have a baby yet. Recommendations * To gain and put more effort to teach the knowledge about sexual education in schools. Make an event or campaign related to birth control method and let people aware to use birth control methods. * To let people know more about abortion, such as how the abortion affect women afterward. References Article Source: http://EzineArticles. com/206651 http://ezinearticles. com/? An-Introduction-To-Birth-Control; id= 206651 http://www. th4u. com/abortions. htm http://www. huffingtonpost. com/2012/10/05/study-free-birth-control-abortion-rate_n_1942621. html http://www. dailymail. co. uk/health/article-1238612/Girls-using-abortion-birth-control. html http://www. abort73. com/abortion_facts/which_birth_control_methods_cause_abortion/