Technology report

Technology is a big topic in today’s world. It can be exceptionally helpful in relationships, but it can also add complications. Some may think there’s more than we need and some may think its not enough. Nonetheless, I believe it does change the way people communicate with one another. The biggest question Is, does the quantity of technology affect the quality of relationships?

We Interact with people everyday and technology allows us to stay connected with everyone we know whether Its through social media, email, testing or phone calls. In my opinion, technology sometimes can get In the way of reality. We are becoming more dependent living behind the screen and are more comfortable testing each other rather than speaking face to face. People are bulling an alter ego of some sort or a completely different personality behind the screen. For some people Its creating anxiety. For others social awkwardness.

Not only does It affect Intimate relationships, it affects your relationships with your family and friends as well. You could be pending too much time browsing the web or watching T. V. And not enough quality time with your peers. We need to balance time wasted using technology with time spent with friends, family and/or your significant other. With technology, social media has become one of the most talked about issue with friends. Social media makes it easier to keep in touch with friends by having events planned with easy RSVP access.

It keeps you up to date with what people are doing outside of your social circle. Because of its immediate access to communication, it does have its down falls. For example, cyber bullying has taken a form of its own. Teenagers feel the need to say what’s on there mind without thinking about the consequences because the internet has no filter. This causes tension and drama between friends and sometimes family. Before, family time used to mean board games, campout, and picnics; now, family time is centered around technology.

For example, families used to sit around the dinning table and share thoughts about their day. In modern times its hard to even gather everyone because of their busy schedule and when able to they are constantly hacking notifications on their phones or tablets. This causes kids and teens to depend more on their technology and less on reality; which produces social awkwardness and discourages them to spend time outside playing with friends, rolling a bike or playing sports.

Time spent Indoors reduces time spent outdoors meeting new people and doing new things. Technology can help and hurt an Intimate relationship. The Internet has made It easier to be whoever you want to be. With that being said you could easily misrepresent yourself and also misinterpret others. Alter egos tend to be seen on the Internet rather than In person. Dating websites have opened up the boundaries of meeting new people. The lack of structure may take a toll on your relationship whether It be emotional or physical.

For Instance, Walrus connections can’t replace Relationship by DRP. Susan Hitler, she explains how the power of technology can impact your current or future relationships. ” Couples who used five or more electronic channels of communication reported an average of 14 percent less relationship satisfaction than couples who were less electronically connected. ” In Is Technology Creating a Family Divide? By Jim Taylor, Ph. D. , he goes into depth on how technology and families are not always a good combination. One study found that when the working parent arrived home after work, his or her children were so immersed in technology that the parent was greeted only 30 percent of the time and was totally ignored 50 percent of the time. ” According to Social Media in 2013 by Jess Stone, social media can have a negative impact on an individual and the people they associate with. ” Thanks to our connections and the viral nature of online content, a negative experience with a friend can spread across the web in a matter of hours. “